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December 2013

To Google or Not to Google? That is the Question?

With many schools across the country now 1:1 with labtops, iPads, etc., researchers are examining the quality of student papers. "The teachers are seeing that the quality of the info makes a huge difference in what the papers look like that get turned in to them." (LM_Net, Vick, Nov.11, 2013)

Students can be confused about the authenticity of websites. Let your students try out the two sites below. Do they see anything wrong with either one?

After giving them a few minutes to look at each site, take a few minutes to get their thoughts on the site/page. Would they use it for research?

Next, have students scroll to the bottom. What do they discover about the site?

Is your site credible?

Check out these 'Search' choices includes several search engines leading to credible sites.

Internet Public Library links to magazines & newspapers, resources by subject & special collections. has web research tools and special research tools for social studies and biographies.

Google Scholar--helps locate scholarly research and relevant court cases (both federal and state)

Much More Than 'Google'--

NPHS has available the following databases--

If you need other databases for students to use while researching, please let me know and I will try to find one which meets your needs.

Infobase Issues and Controversies--this database explores hundreds of hot topics in politics, government, business, society, education, and popular culture. User name & password is included in email--or may check with the Library Media Center--


Students may use Inspire several ways.

One--simply choose 'Student Research Center'--click the 'full text' box--then place your search words or terms in the search box. Students will retrieve magazine articles, newspaper articles, primary resource material, radio & TV news transcripts, country & state reports, encyclopedia & book articles, biographies, and images (include flags & photos)

Another way to search is to choose a specific database. To do this, chick on 'Search by database' and choose the database(s) you would like to search.

Inspire includes the following
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Variety of biography sources such as Contemporary Authors & Biography in Context
  • ERIC
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Variety of health resources such as Medline, Health & Wellness Resource Center, and Health Reference Center
  • Science in Context
  • Small Business Resource Center
  • TOPIC search
  • Hobbies & Craft Reference Center (includes not only 'arts & crafts' and 'collecting' but also 'science & technology,' 'home & garden,' 'performing arts,' and recreation--indoor & outdoor.
  • Home Improvement Reference Center

LiveBinder is 'Growing'!!!

Check out the 'LiveBinder' which I am working on to include students resources--(picture is below). LiveBinders have tabs like a regular binder; under each tab are subtabs to locate resources. If there are sources you would like to add, please send me the website and I will upload to the binder.
Student Resource LiveBinder

Also let me know what you think of the 'LiveBinder' which links to teacher aids and resources. Please send me teacher resources which you use and I have not included so far. I want to have this as helpful as possible for you.
Teacher Aid LiveBinder

Newsela--Curent Event Articles

Newsela - - is a free service that contains non-fiction literacy and current events in all curricular content areas. The really interesting thing about this tool is that once you click on an article to read, you can change the lexile level (reading level) based upon your students' needs. Sign up for a free trial today --- they will soon be charging for new users.

Once you have students sign up for this, you can also assign articles and quizzes to your classes.

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