CSM Vimoto invites you to...

The Fort Bragg Christmas To'ana'i

Hello Friends and Family around the Fort Bragg Area..

First of all I would like to send out a thank you to all who have responded. Due to the unexpected large number of families who have RSVP'd, the location has been changed to accommodate. Please bring a side dish to accompany the main dishes being served.
Because the facility has been kindly offered up by the our Chaplains, we humbly ask for your cooperation not to have any alcoholic beverages at the function. Thank you for your patience and looking forward to everyone having a good time! God bless.

The Fort Bragg Christmas To'ana'i at Crossroads Coffehouse

Sunday, Dec. 9th 2012 at 2pm

Graves St

Fort Bragg, NC

The Fort Bragg Crossroads Coffee House Building C-8438, on the Corner of Gruber and Graves Street. Please park across the street on the opposite side of Gruber. Thank you.