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MLK and Primary Greatness

I recently started reading Primary Greatness by Stephen Covey and although I am only a few chapters in, I cannot stop thinking about how he describes Primary Greatness (your character, integrity, your deepest motives, and desires) as compared to secondary greatness (popularity, title, position, fame, fortune, and honors). As we draw closer to the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, work, and mission, there are many similarities between Dr. King's life and Primary Greatness. MLK did more in his 13 years of leadership of the modern American Civil Rights Movement toward racial equality in America than many had in previous centuries.

We have 34 different home languages that are spoken at Carleton Middle School and I am proud of our diversity. But diversity runs deeper than language. When speaking in more global terms of cultural diversity, we are very diverse not only at Carleton, Macomb County, and Michigan but also the United States. Food, dress, music, art, dance, literature, and games are often the most easily seen parts of cultural diversity. But culture is deeper and more profound than the surface level items I just mentioned. Concepts of time, ideals of child rearing, personal space, concepts of modesty, body language, and eye contact are often more emotionally charged and weighty concepts of culture.

So when thinking about culture, diversity, the work of MLK and others before and after Dr. King, I ask you to reflect, trust, speak up, apologize, seek to understand, politely ask, accept, and most importantly...empathize.

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - MLK Jr.

Grant Recipient

Mrs. Hardy recently applied for and received an educational grant from Extra Credit Union for close to $2000 for a project entitled Reaching Reluctant Readers. Through this partnership between is the Carleton Media Center and the Extra Credit Union, we will be able to purchase 31 audio books for students who struggle to read traditional text and may be reluctant to check out books from the Media Center. We also anticipate this project helping to boost our language acquisition skills, pronunciation of text, higher levels of comprehension, and a renewed interest in the joys of reading. These are all great things for our young people.

If you see Mrs. Hardy, thank her for her devotion and dedication to our students and Media Center.

If you bank at the Extra Credit Union (or have been looking for a new financial institution) pay them a visit, thank them, and see what they have to offer.

Kindergarten Registration Meeting

Warren Consolidated Schools

Welcome Class of 2031!

Warren Consolidated Schools

invites you to attend the
2018-19 Kindergarten Registration Meeting

for parents of children who will be entering Kindergarten in September 2018

at the Warren Consolidated Schools’ Performing Arts Center at 6:00pm

(located in Sterling Heights at 12901 Fifteen Mile Road, attached to Sterling Heights High School)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

at 6:00pm

Enrollment and registration information will be available

at the meeting and on the District’s webpage,

Clark's Corner

We have entered the home stretch of the first semester and students are preparing for midterms and/or tests that wrap up the semester. As you enter this three day weekend, please check with your son or daughter about the work they have in the next week. The end of the semester can be stressful but having a plan for how you will study, when you will study, and what assignments you still need to complete can help reduce that stress and increase the likelihood of success. I recommend identifying what assignments or reviewing will be done each day and that no days be taken off during this time. Getting in the habit of reviewing for tests 15 minutes a day is far more benificial than cramming for an hour the day before. This is the trial run where students learn and practice the skills they will need prior to entering the high school marathon. Happy studying and enjoy your weekend.

Events for Your Calendar

January 15 - No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 16 - Extra Credit Union here all three lunches

January 17 - Home Basketball Game

January 18 - Extravaganza 3-4:30pm

January 19 - Half Day (Dismissal at 11am), End of 2nd Quarter

January 22 - Start of the 3rd Quarter

January 23 - Girls Basketball tryouts begin (must have a physical on file to participate)

January 24 - Girls Basketball tryouts (8th Grade 3-4:30pm, 7th Grade 4:30-6pm - both days)