Westview Weekly

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Issue 24: February 1-5, 2016

Good morning, Westview!

That was probably the most beautiful late-January weekend I can remember. We took advantage of the sunshine by spending nearly all weekend outside. We took walks, played baseball, dug in the dirt, jumped from high places, shopped at the Legends, and had an all-around great weekend. I hope that your family was also able to enjoy the great weather with some outdoor activities!

This was our last weekend living at Grammy and Papa's so Colby also made sure to get some extra snuggles in their bed watching Paw Patrol and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings. It has been a blessing to watch him interact with my parents, but it's time to act my age and move into my own home again.

While I cannot wait to move into our new home, this time with my parents has reminded me how grateful I am for their kindness, generosity, and love. There are many things to be grateful for on a daily basis, but it's easy to take them for granted or choose to focus on something else. I have challenged myself this year to focus on the wonderful all around me, and I encourage you to do the same. It has changed my perspective on so many things, and I think I am better for it.

Find something to be grateful for this week...even if seems simple or mundane, trust me, it's not! I hope your week overflows with blessings.

Educationally yours,



Math Fact Midterm - Math fact midterm assessments should be given this week. Kindergarten will take the assessment for the first time, 1st grade will add subtraction, and 3rd grade will add multiplication and division. I can't wait to see the growth your students have made.

Team Meetings

We will meet in Jessica's office to review Q2 SRI and math fact fluency data.

PLC - Wednesday

No PLC this week. As compensation for the late evening due to district grade level last week, you will be able to leave at 3:00.

A Look Ahead


5 - Q3 Midterm

5 - Diner's Club

10 - Valentine's Parties

11 - P/T Conferences @ 1-7 pm

12 - No School / Teacher In-service


22 - Faculy Meeting @ 4 pm

23 - Leadership Team Meeting

25 - 2nd Grade Music Performance @ 6:30 pm

Happy Birthday to You!


10 - Nancy Joe Block

12 - Caitlin Lash

17 - Janel Rebello

20 - Deana Miller

22 - Michelle Caron

22 - Mandy Croft

23 - Chelsea Lane