Third Grade News

Room 11 on the Move

Big picture

Butterflies in Bloom

This week, we got to watch as our butterflies emerged from their chrysalises, unfolded their damp wings, and started flying around our butterfly habitat. Check out the entire class watching the magic moment. We love science!

Librarian for a Day

Congratulations to Emma, who won the Family Fun Night raffle and became librarian for the day Friday with Mrs. Hutcherson.

A focus on grades

As our fourth quarter is drawing to a close, you might want to check out your child's grades on parent portal using the link below. I will accept missing work and corrections through this Friday, May 25. If you see your child has a missing assignment, here's what to do:

1. Invite your child to view parent portal with you, and together make a list of the missing assignments' titles and page numbers.

2. Give the list to your child and tell him/her to look in his/her purple folder inside his/her desk. If you student doesn't find it there, he/she should clean out the desk and look to see if it has been stuck someplace else.

3. After your child has cleaned out his/her desk, he/she is welcome to bring the list to me. I'm happy to provide an extra copy of the assignment, as long as I have titles and page numbers. I don't count off for late work, and your child may take it home for homework if he/she feels there isn't time in class.

Pirate Ships on the horizon

On Monday, the entire third grade will set sail as pirates! Our desks are arranged in "ships," and we'll work hard to earn "pieces of eight" for our pirate treasure chests. We'll take on pirate names and sail through the last two weeks of third grade like scallywags. I'll send home a list of pirate spelling words on Monday. We'll dress up like pirates next Tuesday, May 29. Please note that is a change from the date I mentioned in last-week's newsletter. We had to move it so it would not conflict with the fifth grade vs. teacher's volleyball game. Your child's pirate costume doesn't have to be fancy or store bought. A big shirt with a scarf around the waist with maybe some boots will do the trick!

Pirate Spelling Words

cargo, booty, prow, compass, port, loot, bounty, mast, dagger, rigging, galleon, privateer, mutiny, buccaneer, plunder, mariner, cutlass, vessel, crow's nest, Blackbeard

End-of-year activities

Our last two weeks will be packed with both learning and fun. On Tuesday, May 29th we'll dress up like pirates. On Wednesday, May 30th, we'll enjoy the teacher/fifth-grade volleyball tournament. On Thursday, May 31st, we'll leave just before 8:00 to walk to Star Skate. Parents are welcome to join us. Please send your child with socks. We'll return to school in time for a pizza lunch. That afternoon, our wonderful homeroom parents will host a last-day-of-school party for us.

The Academic Rundown

  • In reading, we'll finish up last week's realistic fiction focusing on point of view and enjoy some pirate poetry.
  • In ELA, we'll be reviewing third-grade grammar and learning pirate vocabulary.
  • In math, we'll study factors of counting numbers.
  • In science, we'll finish up our life-cycle unit.

Our Week at a Glance

Monday -- Pirate week kick off

Tuesday -- Reading/vocabulary test, using last weeks vocabulary

Thursday -- year book signing, multiplication quiz

Friday -- pirate spelling test

Contact Information

I welcome e-mails at any time. I'll do my best to get back to you within a day during the week. You are my partner in your child's education.