May/June 2015

Summer's Almost Here!

Though the year is winding down, the library continued to be a hub of activity. While being open for only 9 days in May due to AP Exams, almost 3,000 students used the library during lunch periods, study halls and senior privilege periods. As a result of pushing-in to classrooms and labs while AP Exams were occurring, 75 classes were taught. The library played host to a variety of classroom events as well. See below for more information.

We wish you all a wonderful and relaxing summer!

Until next year,
Margaux and Evangeline

A look back…

Many new and exciting things happened this year in our library! We introduced the electronic sign-in system, LibraryTrac, digitalizing the process of signing into the library. Another step into this digital age was obtaining 6 iPads for student use throughout the day. We also took the plunge into the world of ebooks, adopting the OverDrive ebook platform, with summer reading, reading for pleasure and curricular titles available anytime, anywhere. Everything isn’t online however, and we had a visit from a real, live author, Jen Calonita, who illuminated the writing process for our students. The library hosted the college fairs, gladiators, a World War II veteran and proudly displayed the artwork of those students brave enough to share their ideas of why their library is a place where learning never ends. We had a wonderful year and are looking forward to the next one. Happy Summer!