EANS LaserFiche Information

Emergency Assistance to NonPublic Schools (EANS)

Program Purpose:

The purpose of the EANS program is to provide services or assistance to eligible private nonprofit schools (PNPs) to address educational disruptions caused by COVID-19. By creating a separate reservation of funds for this purpose, Congress reiterated the need for PNPs to participate in emergency education relief programs by establishing a separate program under GEER II, rather than relying on the equitable services requirements that typically apply to elementary and secondary formula grant programs. Consequently, school districts are not required to provide equitable services for funds received under the CRRSA Act, though equitable services requirements continue to apply to CARES Act ESSER I program.

Important Links

Round 1-D2 Submission

(Reimbursements After Application Submission-Until End of Grant)

Round 1-D3 Submission

(Request for Region 10 to procure on behalf of the school)

Round 2 D2-Submission

(Reimbursements After Application Submission-Until End of Grant)

Round 2 D3 Submission

(Request for Region 10 to procure on behalf of the school)

Region 10 EANS Website

Texas Education Agency EANS Website

Round 1-D1 Submission (Deadline was March 1, 2022)

Round 2 D1 Submission (Deadline May 5, 2022)

**An opportunity to resubmit for Round 1 and Round 2 D1 will be offered in

Summer 2000

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Submission Step By Step

Please click on the grey buttons below for access to a step by step guide to submitting requests for D1, D2 and/or D3.

EANS Round 2 Budget Summary Powerpoint

The Authorized Official of each school received a unique link to complete the budget summary

EANS LaserFiche Interactive Videos

EANS II Allowable Services and Assistance

List of SOME allowable Services and Assistance

D3 ProTips

  • Vendor must accept a Purchase Order.
  • Submit a quote, not a shopping cart for process
  • Quote should only have in stock items.
  • School must upload an appropriate Quote.
  • School and Vendor will receive an email with the purchase order once the order has been processed.
  • Contracts take additional time to process, please allow a minimum of 8 weeks to execute a contract.
  • Typically, a contract is for a service that will be provided over time and will receive multiple payments.
  • Region 10 will enter into the contract with the vendor.
  • Make sure items requesting match the intent of the grant.

Vendor Information D3

  • Schools can use the vendor of their choice.
  • Vendors must accept a Purchase Order (PO).
  • There is no approved vendor list for EANS Texas.

  • Region 10 will do everything that is reasonable to accommodate the vendor the non-public schools chooses. If that is not an option, then the ESC will negotiate and discuss alternatives with the non-public school to provide those services.

Vendor Services

This list does not constitute approval by Texas Education Agency or Region 10 ESC.

Professional Development (D3)

  • Professional development proposals/quotes MUST include
    • Specific dates,
    • Specific times,
    • Location;
    • Price
    • AND a brief description of the PD on the invoice.
  • If the materials are for the professional development they can remain on the PD invoice.
  • If the materials are for the 22-23 school year, provide a separate invoice and submission.

D3 Process

For D3 Services:

  1. The school can upload a proposal from the company. Region 10 will set up a zoom with the vendor and school to discuss the contract. The proposal need to include the following:
    1. Services offered
    2. Time Frame
    3. Hourly Rate
    4. Total Amount in contract.
  2. Once a contract has been signed by ALL required parties and a PO is issued, the school and vendor will receive a copy of the PO.
  3. Once fingerprinting is complete (if applicable), Contract is complete and PO is issued, services can begin.

For D3 Supplies:

  1. The school gets a proper quote (see smore) and uploads into LaserFiche.
  2. Once the process is approved in LaserFiche a PO will be emailed to the vendor and school.
  3. School must complete Materials Delivery/Inventory Received within 10 business day so f receiving products.

Pro Tips

  • Verify the name of the school you are submitting the documentation.

  • Verify the Authorized Official and their email.

  • Verify that the receipts or invoices are within the correct dates.

  • Request the exact amount on the receipt or invoice, do NOT round up/down.

  • Verify the items you are requesting reimbursement or services for are on your APPROVED Application.

  • ALL request take a minimum of 4 weeks to process
  • Submit D2 on a monthly basis.
  • Update Authorized Official eans@region10.org or eans@tea.texas.gov .

  • Keep an updated copy of application, and submissions.

  • Read emails for changes that may have been made.

  • Submit D3 request before ordering items or beginning services.

  • Include a proposal or quote for D3.
  • ALL D3 request must have a quote or invoice attached.
  • D1 is for Reimbursement of Expenses (occurring March 13, 2020, through the date of application submission)

  • D2 is for Requests for Reimbursement of Future Expenses (occurring after the date of application submission through June 30, 2023).

Tracking on Laserfiche

When reviewing your tracking ID, below are the options:

Form has been received: Form successfully submitted.

Rejected: Form was not accepted. See comments in the rejection email

Approval In Process: The EANS team is currently reviewing documentation.

Check is being Processed: The request has been approved (and may include modifications) and is in our Business Office (D1 and D2). The request has been approved and the business office is generating a Purchase Order I (D3).

Check has been Mailed: The check is in route via US Postal Service.

Mark Your Calendars

  • January 11, 2022: EANS Round 1 Submission

  • January 11- March 1, 2022: EANS Round 1 of D1 resubmission

  • January 25, 2022: EANS Round 2 Informational Zoom

  • January 25, 2022: EANS Round 2 Submission Process Begins

  • February 26, 2022: EANS Round 2 Budget Summary Due

  • March 1, 2022: EANS Round 1, D1 Resubmission Deadline
  • March 7, 2022: EANS Round 2 D1, D2 and D3 Submission Begin
  • May 5, 2022: EANS Round 2, D1 Submission Due
  • June 30, 2023: Last day to submit request for EANS Round 1 and Round 2, D2 and D3
  • September 30, 2023: End of EANS grant