Mathematics & Science Updates

April 2016 Edition

Modeling, Fractions, Oh My!

Since PARCC is upon us, this edition focuses on topics that are related to PARCC that I have received questions about.

Mathematical Modeling is an important tool for problem solving. These types of activities provide opportunities for students to practice innovation and communication, as well as to reinforce and apply mathematical concepts in new contexts. Plus it is one of the mathematical practices in the common core standards! The article below lists other benefits of using this approach in your classroom.

Fractions is a hot topic on the PARCC exam. Many of the workshops that I have attended this year noted that students perform the worse on fractions (as compared to other math concepts). The article below highlights some of the differences between common-core taught fractions and other.

Mathematical Modeling

Creating Effective Mathematical Models

The article link below provides suggestions as to how to take "typical" math problems and transition them more towards modeling questions.

Similar to the link above, this link walks you through how to take everyday problems and create modeling problems.

Finally, this link provides examples of teachers in 1st and 5th grade using mathematical modeling in their classroom.