Videography & Film Production

Maddison Brett

Introduction to Videography & Film Production

Film Production's 5 Major Stages

  • Development: The first stage when ideas are created, and screenplay is written.
  • Pre-Production: Preparing for the shoot, cast and film crew are hired, locations are selected and sets a starting to be built.
  • Production: Film is recorded during film shoot.
  • Post-Production: Images, sound and visual effects are edited.
  • Distribution: Finished product is distributed to cinema's, DVD's, or Youtube.

top 10 professional video equipment

  1. Digital camera or camcorder
  2. Video camera bag or case
  3. Video tripod
  4. Extra batteries and recording media (DVD's, tapes, cards)
  5. External microphone
  6. Computer
  7. Digital video editing software
  8. Audio mixing software
  9. Video lights, including stands and reflectors
  10. Extra stuff such as:
  • UV lens filter (to protect lens)
  • Microphone stands
  • Extension cords
  • Wireless Microphones
  • A film crew or helpful friends.

Codecs and Common file formats

  1. Flash Video Format (.flv)
  2. AVI Format (.avi)
  3. Quicktime Format (.mov)
  4. MP4 Format (.mp4)
  5. Mpg Format (.mpg)
  6. Windows Media Video Format (.wmv)
  7. 3GP File Extension (.3gp)
  8. Advances Streaming Format (.asf)
  9. Real Media Format (.rm)
  10. Flash Movie Format (.swf)
  11. The RealVideo Format

common video dimensions and aspect ratios

Explanation and Example of an Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio is just the width of a picture (or screen) in relation to its height. Ratios are expressed as "width x height".

Example: a 4x3 ratio means the picture is 4 units wide by 3 units high. Alternatively a colon may be used (e.g. 4:3 or 16:9) or a ratio to the number 1 (e.g. 1.33:1 or 1.78:1).

Common/Main Aspect Ratios for Videography

  • 3:2
  • 4:3
  • 16:9
  • 2:1

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