-Leprechaun Trap-

By- Cassie Granquist


This is a picture of my diagram.

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My hypothiesis!

I think my Leprechaun Trap will work because the Leprechaun will see the shiny gold coin, and the Leprechaun will want the coin! We will see if my trap will work!

These are the materials I used to make my Leprechaun Trap.


-duct tape

-gold coin

How I made my Leprechaun Trap!

The first thing I did was cut out the cardboard into the shape that I wanted my Leprechaun Trap to be. Next, I duct taped the cardboard that I cut out black. Third, I put tinfoil where it needed to be. Then, I put a gold coin on my Leprechaun Trap so my trap will work. That's how I made my Leprechaun Trap!

What simple machine did I use?

I used an inclined plane for my simple machine. I used an inclined plane because I thought it would be the easiest to use. I do not know what my Leprechaun Trap would look like if I used a different simple machine.

How does my Leprechaun Trap work? My conclusion!

First, the Leprechaun will go up the inclined plane because it will see the gold coin and the shiny tinfoil. As the Leprechaun walks on the tinfoil to get the gold coin, the tinfoil will fall in because it has weight on it. That's how I will trap the Leprechaun!

This is a picture of my Leprechaun Trap!

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