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10 Year Old Pit Mix!

It's easy to thrive in a warm, loving home. It requires strength to survive the absence of love or care. The heart that is still willing to love after suffering loss or neglect is special, indeed.

Saleem has that heart.

When Saleem first entered her foster home, she was very thin with calloused elbows. She would not wag her tail. After two days, she got a little pep in her step and her tail started moving. Now her tail wags all the time!

Saleem's sweet nature is beginning to show. She loves to tuck her head into her foster mother's torso when being petted. She will look up at her foster, with her sweet brown eyes, asking for pets or loving. When she is excited about dinnertime, she will do a cute little jig, dancing with her front paws. Although she still remains cautious and hesitant around new people, occasionally barking at some of her foster's neighbors, she is friendly with those she trusts. On a recent walk, she met a really nice male neighbor, walking right up to him and accepting his friendly petting.

While this beauty is still learning to play and has fun manipulating a Kong-type toy to obtain treats, she is not interested in fetch or soft toys. She has bursts of energy and likes to go on leisurely 20-30 minute walks; she is very good on a leash. And Saleem loves car rides!

Her calm, introspective spirit makes her a wonderful indoor companion.

Saleem is housetrained, easy to crate, and easy to take care of, exhibiting no destructive tendencies at all. She doesn't bark much, seeming happy to observe others. While she will act defensively towards dogs who invade her personal space, she is gentle with other calm dogs. A quiet home where she is the only dog or the companion to an equally gentle dog would be her best fit.

All Saleem wants is to give and receive the love she was denied in the past. All she needs is a warm, loving companion who believes in second chances.

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Saleem was taken off of the euthanasia list, so if you adopt her, you are saving not only her, but also the next dog Austin Pets Alive! can save in her place!

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