Kindergarten News

Mrs. Codding's Class

Winter Party

Our Winter Party is coming up! Please help the parents plan a fantastic time for your kiddos! This is such a fun day and they love having you come and share it with them! Use the link below to sign up to help in anyway that you can! We would love to have you come join us for this! If you can't make it, maybe Grandma or Grandpa? The kids love so much to have someone here with them during this time! Thank you so much!!

We have 19 kids in our class, but please plan for the siblings who may need to come and throw in a few extras! Thank you!! We have no allergies in our class as of right now.


Today, Ballet North came to our school and did part of the Nutcracker for us. Ask you child about the assembly!

Winter Break

Friday we have a half day. Dismissal is at 11:45. We will then be on Winter break until Tuesday January 5! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


During Winter break, please do not forget to read!! We have made so much progress these past few months!

In Reading we are really working on blending and segmenting words. Blending means we are looking at the sounds in the word we are trying to read and sliding them together to read the words (Otherwise known as "sound it out"). Segmenting means we are taking apart the words to hear what sounds are in it. This means we say the word slowly and listen for each sound (or stretching it out). An example of segmenting would be you say to your child "stretch out the word cat." He/she would then say "cat. c--a--t. cat." (They would be saying the sounds they hear, not spelling the word). This is an easy skill to practice in the car. Ask your child to stretch out different words as you are driving to see if they can hear all the sounds (not letters, sounds) Once they can master this skill verbally, it will flow over into their writing and they will become very good writers!!

We have also been working on non-fiction vs fiction books, characters in the books and problems in the story. When you get done reading with your child at night, ask them questions about the book.

"Was this book fiction or non fiction? How do you know?"

"Who were the characters in the story?"

"Was there a problem in the story? What was it? How did it get solved?"

It is a proven fact that reading with your child every day for at least 20 mins will increase their scores and reading level tremendously!!!

We have been really focusing our our kindergarten words this week. Please use the flashcards i gave you at Parent'Teacher Conferences every night. It will help us so much with our reading if we do not have to stop and sound out every word!

Please remember to read to and with your child for at least 20 minutes every night!


We started Unit 7 which is Understanding Addition.

Please make sure you continue working on counting out loud to 100 with you kiddo. If they have mastered counting to 100 by 1's, work on counting to 100 by 10's. When they can do tens work on count to 100 by 2's! Also ask them to start counting to 100 from any random number. These are all things they have to be able to do to get a 3 in counting in math!

Think Win-Win

I make deposits into other's emotional bank accounts

I try to find solutions that everyone likes

I balance courage for standing up for what I want, with consideration for what others want.


Please spend some time on practicing putting on and zipping coats. Winter is here and we are working to be independent in this area! Thank you!!

Please also send a coat EVERY day! We go outside every day, even if it is cold!

This Week Schedule

Monday-Music & PE


Wednesday-PE & Music


Friday-Winter Party 10:30-11:30

Friday-Early Release at 11:45

Upcoming Events

Friday Dec 11- Mercury Gym Night

Friday Dec 18 Winter Parties 10:30 am

Friday Dec 18 Early Dismissal at 11:45

Monday Dec 22-Monday Jan 4- Winter break

Tuesday Jan 5- School back in session