Blood Anatomy

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The Four Parts of Your Blood

The largest part of your blood is Plasma. This is the liquid part of your blood that carries nutrients and hormones throughout your body. The Plasma is makes up 55% of your blood. Your Red Blood Cells (RBC) or more technically called Erythrocytes. This is the most numerous type of blood cell. Red Blood Cells are in charge of carrying Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide gases which bind to the Hemoglobin , which gives the blood cell its red color. White Blood Cells (WBC) and plate lest make up the the final part of your blood. White Blood Cells are technically Leukocytes. The White Blood Cell is the only blood cell that has a nucleus, which also means that it contains DNA. White Blood Cells belong to the circulatory system and also the immune system. The White Blood Cell's Main job is to fight diseases and foreign invaders. Platelets on the other hand are cell fragments that assist in blood clotting.