Mobile Apps for Hearing and Sound

Grade 3 Science

Apps to explore Hearing and Sound

The apps below can be used to help grade three students explore some of the concepts in the grade three science unit, Hearing and Sound.

Students in Grade Three can use Frequencies Pro to play sounds at different frequencies (between 8 kHz and 22 kHz) and track the name and age of people who can hear sounds at the various frequencies.

The Human Body provides an animated, interactive illustration of how the body works.

For this science unit, we will focus on the functions of the ear.

Grade three students can watch how sound enters the ear and is transmitted to other parts of the brain. They can toggle the label settings to have the parts of the ear labelled. Using features in the app, students can explore what happens as musical instruments are moved nearer to and further from the ear. Students can also explore the effect of their voice or surrounding sounds on the ear.

Explain Everything

Students can take a screen shot from one of the other apps (by pressing the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time) and use Explain Everything to record a statement about what they learned about sound using The Human Body App.

Explain Everything saves the explanation as a movie file that can be exported to the camera roll, YouTube, DropBox, Evernote, Google Drive, and more.

Singing Fingers is an app created by MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten. While users move their finger around on the iPad screen, the app records the sounds and adds colour to what is being drawn on the screen. Trace the drawing to hear the sounds played back. The app will use different colours and thicknesses to represent pitch and volume.

Grade three students will experiment with the app drawing, recording, and playing back the sounds. Students will be asked to draw a picture that includes high, low, loud, and soft sounds. They will save their picture and share it with others in their group.

Singing Fingers - Finger Paint with Sound

Create a video documentary!

Grade three students can choose an animal and investigate how that animal hears and communicates. Using videolicious, they can present their findings and share these with classmates, family, and friends.

Videolicious for iOS devices
Infrasound - Videolicious Example