Mental Illness

Ayanna Bruce


  • I believe that is isn't the women's or anyone with a mental illness fault for doing crazy and cruel things but the doctor's fault for not seeing the signs.

My Thougths

  • You might think people with mental illnesses are "incurable" or even a "mistake". I say that isn't true because I feel that if the doctors put more time and effort into research and cures for these illnesses people with these illness wont be considered a mistake anymore. As it said in the "A Solution That Now Looks Crazy" article no one was trying to find or even better treatment that might as well reduce suicide.

Facts for My Thougth

  • "1 in 4 people in the U.S are diagnosed with a mental illness."(Girl Scout article)
  • "Things only got worse when she arrived home. She constantly scrubbed bottles and kept reorganizing the basket of diapers so they were all straight."(Mom's Mission article)
  • "Curiously, he does not explore the possibility that better psychiatric treatment might well reduce the risk of suicide: A vast majority of people who commit suicide, in contrast to homicide, do have a diagnosable and treatable psychiatric illness."(A Solution That Now Looks Crazy article)

Opposition Questions

  • Why would it be the doctors fault? Aren't they doing their jobs?

This is true but I feel that they aren't expanding their options. Would you question what your doctor say? No, you trust that what he is saying and giving you will help you. What if most doctors are grouping mental illnesses together that aren't similar at all, causing many people to be wrongly diagnosed.

  • Why cant it be the women's fault? Its their actions right?

If a women or anyone is seriously ill, they can not control what they think or do. For example Andrea Yates drowned her five kids in a bathtub in 2001. She wasn't found guilty because she was found insane meaning she had no idea what she was doing was wrong.

  • How can you better diagnose mental illnesses better? Why hasn't been done?

In my opinion I would try to make a better Q&A in relation to the individual illness rather than groping them together. I feel that the doctor should be required to give a standard test to see if the patient is showing any symptoms, then have them complete a test at home that would help concluded if they do have an illness and what treatment should be done. This hasn't been done because some doctors don't want to take the extra time to insure your health.

Articles' Position

  • "A Solution That Now Looks Crazy"(By Richard A. Friedman, M.D) wants a better treatment and effective for mental illness that can help save the people. "Curiously, he does not explore the possibility that better psychiatric treatment might well reduce the risk of suicide." "The freedom to be insane is a cruel hoax."
  • "Girl Scouts Engage in the Fight Against Mental Illness Stigma with Mental Health Awareness Patch"(From the Mental Health Weekly Digest)wants educate and reduce the the stigma of mental illness. "With the increase in youth bullying, suicide, and drug use, Girl Scouts are active fighting to create a change." "International Bipolar Foundation, whose mission includes erasing the stigma of mental illness through public education.

*Stigma~a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.

  • "IU study: 'Backbone' of mental illness stigma common in 16 countries studied"(From the Mental Health Weekly Digest) wants both a better cure for mental illness and also wants to reduce the prejudice to mental ill people. "Even in countries with cultures more accepting of mental illness, the "backbone" of stigma was detected." "The stereotype of all people with a mental illness as 'not able' is just wrong. No data supports this."
  • "A history of treatment for mental illness"(From The Washington post) wants more outpatient treatment, and not to treat patients like prisons but like a person who is ill. "Huge state-run hospital closed, and the number of psychiatric inpatients declines rapidly." "States commitment standards begin to reflect greater appreciation for patient's civil rights."

<-------- This is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

  • "Postpartum depression: One mom's mission becomes a movement"(By Kelly Wallce, CNN Wire) wants to have better tests and treatment for those who have a mental illness. "Women are still 'getting treated horribly, there's still stigma, there's still not getting the right kind of help,' said Stone." "One of the issues, said Stone, is that the questionnaire, if given out at all, is often given to women soon after childbirth when a new mom has a hard time focusing on just about anything, let alone being able to reflect on weather her feelings at the moment are out of the ordinary."

Be a Hero

  • I picked this because it is showing that even thought someone is mental ill they still have someone to look up to. In the song it say "If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman" meaning that if your friend or someone you know has mental illness you will not think of them any different.