Taurus 2015 Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

2015: Happiness!

"Morality is not the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness."

So said the Taurean philosopher, Immanuel Kant. In this respect at least, he spoke for you. As the turning tides of 2015 bring forth new breakers of opportunity and surging waves of challenge, all depends on you finding the centre of balance on your psychological surfboard. At the essence of your sign is a quest for stability. To attain that, you must convince yourself you are 'worthy of happiness.' How hard can that be?

It can be hard if recent events have caused you to doubt yourself. Or if you're sinking under the weight of heavy childhood memories. Or if there are other people in your world, these days, who seem to be causing continuous conflict. If you don't know what you have done to deserve this, how can you be sure those sins don't justify further deprivation? But aren't there others who depend on you to set an example, to find the way ahead, to show stoic acceptance of hardship yet seize gratefully upon help where it is offered?

If only for others, if not yourself, you'll naturally embrace 2015's many chances to become a living embodiment of life's highest virtues. And you'll encounter much real and lasting happiness.

Money forecast

Isn't it time to start doing more of what you are good at? You have precise skills. You have invaluable experience. You have practical abilities that, if applied to newly arising situations, can not only benefit others but significantly increase your income. Yet so much of your time is already spoken for. Just stop and think about how many hours you spend attending to matters that may seem mundane yet are surely essential. What if you were to delegate some of those? There's nothing wrong, in 2015, in seeing yourself as indispensable. But you've got to recognise where and why this is. If, for example, it so happens that someone influential prefers to see you as the only one who can be safely entrusted with a particular task, it may not be yours to reason why. Their judgement matters more than yours, especially if they happen to be in a position to foot a higher bill for your services. Couldn't you do more for them, couldn't they do more for you in return, if only you didn't see certain other aspects of your daily activity as too important to pass along the line? You can end 2015 wealthier, as long as you embrace a willingness to revise and review your understanding of how much you're worth... and to whom.

In 2015, you need to throw away the ledger, ignore the trial balance and apply no more interest to the projections. Just bring yourself into such a position of trust that you are willing to keep giving, regardless of what returns this may attract. Where you envisage yourself having access to a fountain of forgiveness - and thus free to draw from an endless inner well of tenderness - you'll find that those qualities truly are so plentiful that you need not worry about what you are or aren't likely to get back. That, in itself, will ensure all your investments pay off.

Be Careful!

Keep a safe distance from speculation-based transactions, betting or extreme financial risks.

Don’t lend money to anyone, but rather invest in some secure bonds.

The time between the middle of June to the middle of September 2015 may not very favourable for you, leading to uncertainty and confusion. Avoid taking any major decisions during this period.

If some major financial or domestic plan are in the pipeline, do consider them post August 2015 only.

Love forecast

No matter how wonderful or otherwise a partner may be when we think kind, wistful thoughts about them, it is never always easy to coexist with anyone. An awareness of that awkward truth may cause many people, over time, to become so guarded that, they themselves inadvertently become a difficult person to love. It can be too unnervingly easy to qualify for that description. All a person has to do is feel that somehow, the amount of love that they have to share must be limited by the amount that they are likely to receive. Such people effectively become the equivalent of emotional accountants. And there's a good reason why bookkeeping is rarely listed as a romantic occupation.

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