How To Safely Store Your Kratom

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In order to safely store your Kratom powder, below are the major things to keep in mind in order to guarantee that your powder’s alkaloids are not tampered with:

  • Humidity
  • Oxygen
  • UV light

The above-mentioned factors need to be kept in mind because they can easily lower the quality of your powder. So the next time you're considering storage solutions, make sure that your powder is not overexposed to the above-mentioned things.

A Few Storage Ideas

With knowledge of the potential harm that could happen to your powders, if they aren't stored properly, it's time we discuss how we can avoid any damage from happening.

Are you using Kratom on a daily basis, here's what you should know:

If you are using a special Kratom powder on a daily basis, ensure to follow these next steps;

Store in a cupboard.

  • Ensure that it's in a sealed bag.
  • You can use it on a daily basis!

For those using this powder on a daily basis, chances are that you’ll most likely consume it all before it's quality reduces and ensuring that it's kept sealed and stored in a cupboard will help to protect it from dangerous UV light and oxygen, making sure your Kratom is well preserved.

Long Term Storage

There are users that probably have a variety of Kratom strains around. Ensuring that your investment is safe, is extremely important especially if it's really a lot. When Kratom takes a long time without being used, it quickly loses its quality and we surely don't want that to happen.

Below are some ideas on how to excellently store your Kratom powder especially when it's a lot.

Separate and pack in different quantities.

Carefully divide the powder into separate bags of equal amounts that will last you a number of days. With this method of storage, there are higher chances that your Kratom powder will be stored safely and will maintain it's freshness. In that way when you need to use some, you can simply select from your stash.

There's also an option of dividing it up in a number of different mixes. You'll see that this type of arrangement will assist you to store your Kratom and make it easier for you to find the mixes you usually take much more easily and you won't have issues trying to restock, your stash will be there to choose from, a lifetime supply.

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Packaging Bags Should be Airtight.

When packing your powder, ensure that all the air is out of the bag, then you can fill it up. A vacuum sealer would be very handy in such instances where you plan on stashing a large amount of Kratom powder.

In case a vacuum sealer seems like too much of an investment, you can simply squeeze most of the air out of the bag then you can close it up.

When the bag is airtight then your product will be retained much safely for quite some time.

Invest in Light-Blocking Containers

The dangerous UV light can easily destroy your Kratom, however, light-blocking containers block the light from reaching hence offering a safety net and maintaining the powder’s quality.

Place it in the Right Place

A cool and dry place, preferably a dark one is highly recommended for you to keep your product. Freezers have also been used as storage places, however, we don't know for sure how it affects the Kratom yet when it's frozen. What we know for sure is that placing your container in a cool and dry area is very important to ensure your product stays fresh and lasts longer.

Storing as Tea

According to various Kratom reviews, this is a good one for the tea lovers. Simply prepare a good amount of tea and then freeze it in a suitable container for when you want to take it. Kratom tea can remain freshly stored in cold conditions like those of a refrigerator for up to a week, this greatly improves its life span and even makes it much easier when you want to take it, super easy to prepare.