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Delivering an Alternative Education in Digital Form

GoferNYC, a New York based educational tech startup, combines learning with earning. We wish all students could aspire to an institute of higher learning; but if not, we are here to fill the gap. GoferNYC uses technology to combine a robust labor marketplace (for both skilled and unskilled freelancers) with an innovative online learning experience for individuals 17 years of age and above.

Classes on Facebook, Skype, YouTube and Beyond

We offer continuing education (non-credit granting courses) to help students gain the skills needed for a chance to earn higher pay in the current labor market. The classes are brought to students in innovative ways that are sure to fit today's busy schedules. Open enrollment, flexible admissions policies and low fees make our classes fully accessible.


After completing courses, students can become eligible to enter our labor marketplace. We have partnered with thousands of employers (both private and corporate) who post hundreds of jobs each week - for both skilled and unskilled FREELANCERS. For students under 21, we have partnered with a well known INTERN matching company. GoferNYC is disrupting the labor and staffing markets by making the concept of freelancing a viable full-time career option. We are currently in New York and have plans to rapidly expand nationwide. or follow @blackandtechie

  • Contact Ruth Leslie, Founder
  • Launching in Beta - October 2013
  • Limited online class schedule begins Winter 2013
  • Full schedule of classes begins Spring 2014
  • Massive Open Online Course offerings
  • Both Free and Fee Courses Available
  • Enrollment for Ages 17 and Above