Little Gold Star -Spain

by: Robert Sam Souci and Sergio Martinez

Summary of Little Gold Star

In the story Little Gold Star, Theresa was sent to the lake to do chores. When she arrived to the lake Mary was there. Mary told Theresa to go the house up the road and feed the baby and to do what the man asked of her. As told, Theresa went to the house and feed the baby and did what the man wanted. In return she got a gold star on her head and when she wanted a wish she held onto her star and make a wish. When she got home her mom scrubbed and scrubbed to try to get the star off.

Theresa told her step-mom about how she got the gold star, so her step-mom sent off her step-sister. When her step-sister arrived she didn't do as told in return she got horns that can't get off. When her step-sisters went to the ball Theresa had to fill 10 bottles with bird tears, fill 12 beads with bird feathers, and fill a table with fine foods. It was very hard to do, but she did all of it. When she was done she went to the ball and danced with Miguel. They got married and lived happily ever-after.