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Titanic Reborn!

In the book "The Titanic Locket", the titanic has been reborn. A new ship designed just like the original Titanic has been made. Samantha, Jessica and their parents have 2nd class tickets to Titanic 2 and are about to board when they go into the Haunted Museum. There are wax figures and old jewels. The sisters suddenly spot an old, mysterious locket and Jessica has the urge to look at the picture inside. After looking they put the locket back and return to the Titanic 2. But, ever since their first day on the ship Samantha and Jessica notice strange things happening. Their cabin numbers keep changing, there are creepy scratching noises coming from inside the wall. And the locket that Jess opened seems to be.... following them! Is the locket haunted or is it the ship itself? Why are there actors dressed up as people who were once on the real ship? Or are they ghost? Why is Samantha's sister calling her by another name? Samantha will have to find out why her and her sister are tied to the past or they could go down with the ship!