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Mikella Townsend

Spring Break

Over spring break Mikella left the city. It was super exciting for her because she traveled to Racine, WI. It was also thrilling for her because she got to see all her family and friends that live there. Another reason why it was thrilling was because she got to finally leave Green Bay, WI. It was also different from other people because everybody else went to florida and other warm places!

But anyways, Mikella had an enjoyable time in Racine with all her family and they did so much fun stuff! One of the things they did together was go to the movies and see the movie Home. Mikella says she can't wait to do it again this summer.

Another Story

Field Trip

On April 13th Mikella's house had a field trip. They traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and went to Discovery World. She says it was fun and interesting. Everybody got split into groups and they each got a chaperone who walked them around to each parts of the building. Lots of people said they had lots of cool things there like a nail bed, a flight simulator, a car simulator, and a light wheel.

They also watched a live show about tesla and there were all types of extraordinary things that the host did! Many different Aquarius students got to volunteer to be in the show and experience something cool. One of the volunteers got to pedal a bicycle to make 4 light bulbs turn on! It was super fun their hoping they can go back again soon!

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