By: Alex Ramirez

Introduccion To Spain


Madrid Is Spain's Capital City. It Is A Well Known City Same As For Barcelona, Valencia, & Leon. I Chose Spain Because It Has Amazing Buildings And Beautiful Beaches. This Country Also Is Well Developed Country. It Developed Many Cities And Towns.

Language & Symbols

Spanish & Bull

In Spain People Mostly Speak Spanish. Spanish Is Their Official Language. Spanish Comes The Latin Origin. Spanish Origin Is Latin, Which Arrived On The Iberian Peninsula (The Peninsula That Includes Spain & Portugal) Around 2,000 Years Ago. On The Peninsula, Latin Adopted Some Of The Vocabulary Of Indigenous Languages, Becoming Vulgar Latin.

Spain Uses The Bull To Represent Strength & Courage. Their National Bird Is Called The One-Toed Eagle.

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Norms And Values


Spanish People Shake Hands When Greeting And Departing. They Either Say Good Morning, Buenos Dias, Or Good Evening, Buenas Tardes. It Really Doesn't Matter If It Is Casual Meeting On The Street Or On A Formal Occasion. Male And Female Kiss Each Other, Usually On The Cheek. If A Lady Expects You To Kiss Her She Offers Her Cheek. The "Kiss" Is Usually High Up On The Cheek, Never On The Mouth, Only If They Are Livers. Close Family And Male Friends Embrace. Spanish Men And Women Often Dress Casually. It's Better To Dress Conservatively When doing Business Or Visiting Government Offices On Official Business. There Are Only Few Occasions When formal Clothes Is Necessary And There Are Very Few Dress Rules In Spain, Except In respect To Places Or Worship. Spanish People Are Not Allowed To Wear Flip-Flops Or Sandals With No Socks On The Streets, Restaurants, Or Shops. Spain Has Really Strict Drink Driving Laws. Spaniards Are Well Known For Their "Siestas." There Are Afternoon Naps. They Are Well Known Also For Bullfighting, Alcohol & Drinks, Spanish Football, The Sacred Family Also Called The Roman Catholic Church, Located In Barcelona, Spain.



In Spain There Is A Diversity Choices Of Food. Same As In Here In The United States. They Typically Eat Fish, Lamb, Pork, Meats, Seafood, Cheese, And Wine.