Kylee Francois 6\Ms. Green


Taiga Food Web.

The producer of this food web is the sun. The primary consumer would be the grass. The secondary consumers that eat the primary consumers would be the moose, mouse, and the bird. The tertiary consumers would be the ones that eat the secondary consumers would be the weasel,wolf,and lynx.

Positive and Negative Human Impacts on the Taiga Habitat.

Humans can have a good or bad impact on the environment. Here are some positive and negative Human impacts on the Taiga habitat.

•Positive Impacts

•their are over 200 organizations that help protect the Taiga and help create more protected land in the taiga

•they help endangered species

•help protect the people and animals that live there from logging and ensure that the forest it logs from are logged sustainably.

•Negative Impact


•Oil and Gas exploration

•Poachers kill many animals for their pelts such as the Siberian tiger,wolf,cougar,caribou,and the moose *etc

My opinion is that humans have a more negative impact than a positive one and we should more to help the animals,people,and the forest. And try to help preserve the habitat.