Nebraska Entrepreneurship Month

November 2021

November is National Entrepreneurship Month!

Hello Educators,

Join us in celebrating creativity, innovation, and youth entrepreneurship! November is National Entrepreneurship Month and we’re excited to share resources that will ignite an entrepreneurial spark in your students!

The Youth Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunities Team

Nebraska 4-H

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Start the Celebration with Free Resources from Nebraska 4-H

The youth entrepreneurship team from Nebraska 4-H has developed a fun, hands-on classroom resource kit to engage your students in entrepreneurial thinking and innovation for National Entrepreneurship Month. In the classroom resource kit, you’ll find classroom lessons, entrepreneur videos, a calendar full of fun activities, and access to pages from the Find your Spark to Start. Sign-up and receive quick access to the free resources at:

Find your Spark to Start

Get ready to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs with this new activity book from Nebraska 4-H! The Find Your Spark to Start book contains activities, games, puzzles, and more, to learn about starting a business. Targeted for the 3-5th grade level, the activities will help youth become more aware of entrepreneurial traits/skills they have and foster the development of workforce skills and business knowledge. Let’s make learning about business fun!

As a part of the National Entrepreneurship Month classroom resource kit (above), you will find a link to a sample of the book. The book is also available on the UNL Marketplace at: And more good news...if you complete the survey that accompanies the resource kit, your name will be entered into a random drawing for a free set of 25 books!

Quick Activities for your students:


Flipping is a simple exercise in looking at things with a different lens or in a new way. Participants stand in a circle. Facilitator holds an object- like a roll of masking tape- and begins the exercise by saying “This may look like a roll of tape, but it’s really a ---- (bracelet, letter “O”, etc.). The object is handed to the next person in the circle, and they repeat the sentence, filling in with a new idea of what the object could be. After going around the circle once, repeat and have students try to think of more ideas.

Discussion: Was it hard to come up with new ideas? How is it helpful to think of objects in a new way? Tell me how another person’s idea sparked a new idea for you? Do you feel that this exercise might be helpful for anyone trying to be creative, like an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship GooseChase

The MISSION of this program is for youth to compete in a virtual team scavenger

hunt through the GooseChase app and learn more about entrepreneurial thinking and starting a


Target audience: Elementary to Middle School aged youth.

Sign-up your classroom at

$10 per classroom set-up fee

Free Curriculum & Resources from VentureLab

VentureLab, a partner of Nebraska 4-H has some awesome FREE entrepreneurship resources and lessons for K-12 teachers. This curricula and resources are perfect for:

  • School - enrichment or supplemental activities
  • After School - fun, engaging activities for informal education
  • Homeschool - complete online course

Tinker. Explore. Create. Kit

Tinker. Explore. Create. Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills with the 4-H TEC Box! Actively engage and learn from scenarios based on a variety of entrepreneurial situations – invent a product that will help make a bike safer, develop a game you can play with your friends and family, dive deeper into the world of entrepreneurship and much MUCH more! The TEC Box comes with a variety of materials (an inflatable kickball, plastic sports cones, and washi tape to name a few) to help you get the most out of each lesson. AND you will receive both the Youth and Leader guide to walk you through the curriculum. It’s all together for you - order your kit today!

Think like an Entrepreneur

  • Adaptability - Make smart changes when challenges arise without losing heart or giving up.
  • Empathy - Think about other people's needs and feelings, keeping these in mind when solving a problem.
  • Courage - Dare to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish great things!

Thanks for celebrating Nebraska Entrepreneurship Month with Nebraska 4-H!

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