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7 Keys to an Inspired Community

Have you become a member in our new Community? If not, pop on over and sign in - if you didn't know already, the new community is going to replace all the HO moderated Facebook pages. I love this post from Jessica but feel it might have gotten buried. I thought it was important to share so we are all loved and respected members :)

What’s the very best part of Stella & Dot? YOU! You are a loved and a valued member of an extraordinary community, committed to lifting women up and helping them thrive as flex business owners. As it says in our manifesto, it’s we before me and sharing the joy is our calling! Share kudos, inspiring quotes, stories, learning experiences, and thoughts of gratitude broadly. To succeed, people need confidence, passion and motivation. This community can be invaluable provided we all keep in mind a few key things:

  1. THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITY. Fun, awesome, and inspiring too. Keep things on topic and business related. Show love and respect for your fellow Stylists.
  2. YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL Even though this is your own business, even if this is your first gig, even if you have no sales quota and this is a fun side gig--- professional and respectful is just how we roll. Read news postings and the training guides provided to you. Stay in the know and search before posting. Each week, take 10 to read Home Office News and watch the Buzz, and if you are a leader, listen to leader calls. Why? It may ‘save you time’ to ask instead of reading, but it wastes the time of 100s or others who are scanning posts for great business tips or inspiration. You may think your one tiny post about what is this price or where can I download this or when does sampling end, doesn’t matter- but it’s like littering one tiny candy wrapper in the forest. What if everyone did it? Too much of this causes people to tune out of our community.
  3. MIC ONE, MIC ONE, ISN’T THIS A LOT OF FUN… Yep, your microphone is on.It’s easy to forget that when you post 10,000+ people can hear you! Here’s a fun filter game to play before you post if you were in a giant stadium full of Stylists that you love and respect as we do our community- and you have this questions or comment, would you grab the mic, take the stage and pose this question to the crowd? Or would you more likely ask the person next to you, or find the specific person that could help you with your question? Then go ahead and email / message them privately. When you apply the filter of total love for our community and the need for success and confidence, you realize you should onbly ‘grab the mic’ for a question that most will benefit from, share a success story, or kudos.
  4. LIVELY UP YOURSELF, DON’T BE NO DRAG. Let’s make this a grunt free zone. NO ARRGHHS! HELP!!!!! UGH! L, or ACCKKKK!!!!! Think before using ALL CAPS or “???!!!” And unhappy emoticons are just a downer. This can make people feel like you’re yelling, and no one wants to be yelled at. Unless, of course, you’re saying, “YOU ROCK!!!!” . State things in a solution oriented, empowered manner. You’ll feel focused and calm reading the posts of others when they do the same. This does not mean you are not colorful, authentic and honest. We love you like that! It simply means you are professional and you save the drama for your mama.
  5. DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY. Despite our guidelines and moderation, a community is a place where people may communicate questions or concerns. When you read issues- keep them in perspective and keep your confidence and enthusiasm high! THAT is what you need to succeed- not knowledge of edge case issues or worry that other people’s issues could become yours.
  6. YOUR COACHING TEAM IS READY TO SERVE. Direct issues to your coach not your community. Have a problem, complaint or question? Go to the smallest group of people required to actually fix the issue or answer the question. Sharing our daily experiences, both positive and negative, is a natural thing, but be sure you are seeking a solution, not commiseration, which requires someone else to be miserable.
  • PROMOTING OF PRODUCTS, BUSINESSES, AND SERVICES. This includes selling Stella & Dot items.
  • OFF TOPIC ITEMS. Dirty jokes, politics, religion, sports, and pictures of your cat- sorry, not the place. If you post in the wrong forum,like trying to find a retired style in the promote to Star group. It will be deleted, not moved.
  • PRODUCT ISSUES. If you want to see if your piece is ‘normal”, share a pic with your upline team, not 10,000+ people. Don’t tempt time-limited Stylists to spend time on a low value activity versus high value activities that help them earn. If your piece is broken or defective, no need to share a pic or post in community. That can't fix it! We’ve got you covered. Simply process a replacement or chat into to the Delight Center if need be. We will track and resolve issues. Why do we delete comments or pics of defects in community? We have an amazing quality rate – a <2% return / replace defect rate compared to an industry average of 14%+ for handmade and inherently delicate product! However, if we sell 3,000 of an item in a week, 60 people could voice an issue- per week! This is ok, as long as it doesn’t make 2,940 people needlessly worry and lose confidence. That is why quality issues should not be shared on community or Facebook. This is not because I want to hide quality issues, but because I don’t want Stylists to lose perspective and then lose the precious tenacity you need to thrive as an entrepreneur.
  • LINKS TO COPY CAT STYLES or EBAY type sales. This happens to every major fashion house, and it does not stop them from being a multi billion-dollar global brand with customers that value the real thing. This does not impact your sales. However, sharing links to obscure copycats with other Stylists erodes confidence and that does impact someone’s sales. By all means, tell compliance. They can do something about it.
  • OUT OF COMPLIANCE POSTS OR GRAPHICS. It may be gorgeous, but if it is out of compliance to logo usage, has a wrong price, shows blurry or inappropriate images, etc, we will just delete it.
  • DISPARAGING REMARKS. Commenting on another company or a celebrity you don’t love? We agree with your mother- if you don't have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.
  • POLLING FOR PROBLEMS. Share with your upline leadership team so that you can form a proactive action plan to help you build your business. Even if you want to vent a little, vent up, not out.

Should you see anyone not complying with the guidelines, refer to the be nice rule. They likely have the very best of intentions and simply haven’t read this yet. Just share a link J This applies to any Stella & Dot related forums still being maintained on Facebook or other social sites, as well as to the community within our lounge.

Thank YOU for building and nurturing our fabulous, open and positive community… with love and gratitude,


Our Top 10 and those who Qualified for the Month with $500 or more in Retail Sales!

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1 Joelly Belman 5941.83

2 Mary Gies 4958.40

3 Rene Kauder 4440.31

4 Leslie Borkenhagen 2811.26

5 Sarah Obenour 2443.30

6 Nicole Kerber 2353.50

7 Yinglak Wong 1888.30

8 Gillian Powell 1745.23

9 Sheila Markowitz 1731.45

10 Shelby Gies 1400.00

11 Charlene Sullivan 1371.70

12 Angela Jones Hackley 1370.30

13 Megan Kelly 1300.30

14 Christina Landsman 1256.70

15 Tracy Baschke 1089.50

16 Paulette Payne 1013.90

17 Kisha Brown-Richards 946.48

18 Kelly Hamilton 699.85

19 Samantha McIlwain 521.00

Welcome To All Our New Stylists!

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Promotion Commotion - Congrats Mary Gies!

Congrats to our Q2 Consistency Bonus Earners

Enjoy spending your extra $100 on the new Fall Collection!

Joelly Belman

Leslie Borkenhagen

Angela Jones Hackley

Rene Kauder

Megan Kelly

Christy Landsman

Sheila Markowitz

Sarah Obenour

Gillian Powell

Kisha Brown-Richards

Charlene Sullivan

Summer Splash Earners

Congrats Joelly Belman for Earning Level 4!

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Moxie Leader Forum

Rene Kauder, Associate Director, Coach and Mentor

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