Stone Bank School

Reaching Out ~ March 19, 2021

Happy Spring

Dear Stone Bank Families,

Welcome to March Madness! We hope that you and your family have enjoyed the change of weather and excited for all of the changes that Spring has to offer. We are thrilled that 100% of staff members who were interested have been able to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Thanks to all of our community health and safety partners who have helped this happen! While we are grateful for vaccinations and encouraging trends with test results, we are still committed to our Stay Safe to Stay Open plan. Please remember to monitor symptoms of your household members, and when in doubt keep your student home! We are continuing to monitor guidance from the County and the CDC.

It has taken all of us to have a successful school year! Thank you for your partnership! Please be sure to check out all the exciting news in the Reaching Out - especially our Summer School offerings.

Andrew Joseph

Wisconsin Forward Exam

Dear Stone Bank Families,

During the months of March and April, Wisconsin students across the state in grades 3rd-8th will be participating in the Forward Exam. The following links provide more information about the Forward Exam:

The Forward Exam assesses students in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics in grades 3rd-8th. Additionally, students in grade 4th and 8th will test in the areas of Science and Social Studies. This online exam measures the knowledge and skills progress of your child in relation to the Wisconsin Academic Standards. Your child’s results on this assessment, in combination with other forms of assessment, help to build a comprehensive understanding of their proficiency towards being college and career ready.

One or more subtests may be administered daily during the following dates:

  • Third Grade April 12-15

  • Fourth Grade April 19-23

  • Fifth Grade April 12-14

  • Sixth Grade April 12-14

  • Seventh Grade April 12-14

  • Eighth Grade April 12-14, and 19-21

All teachers in grades 3-8 will communicate to families the times and specific assessments being administered during their week of testing.

A google form will be sent out to virtual families to schedule a time when your child(ren) will complete the forward exam, as there is no virtual option for this assessment.

To help our learners prepare, we ask that you support your student to ensure they are well-rested, well-nourished, and present on testing days.

Results from the Forward exam will be distributed to Stone Bank families in August, 2021. If you have any questions about the Forward Exam, please contact Mr. Joseph, Mrs. Wartzenluft, Mrs. Zdrojewski or your child’s teacher.

Summer School

We are eagerly at work planning Summer of Fun: 2021. Please see this flyer for information about our program, along with offerings from other programs around the community.

Middle School: Human Growth and Development

Attention 6-8th Grade Parents: Please see this annual notice regarding the Human Growth and Development programming at Stone Bank School.

PTO Dining Night

SBS Dining Night at Kuhtz

Thursday, March 25, 4PM – 9PM

Come support SBS and Kuhtz for a family friendly dinner! Kuhtz will be serving up pizzas and jumbo pretzels for dine in and take out. Pre-orders appreciated for take out (call earlier that week and get your order in early). Or dine in, enjoy your favorite beverages and let the kids play in the general store. Kuhtz will donate a % of their sales to SBS.

Thursday April 22

Come support SBS and Kim’s all day on a Thursday! Entire menu available and two Thursday specials!

• $.50 Wing Night (DINE IN ONLY)

• Buy a 16’ Pizza Get a 12” One Topping Pizza Free (ONLINE ONLY)

No need to mention SBS sales as Kim will donate 10%% of all sales. You can even order ahead at: Thank you all for your support!

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is overflowing with items. We encourage you to come in and see if any of the items might be your child's. We will be donating all items after Spring Break.

8th Grade Spanish Placement Test

8th Grade Spanish Placement Test for incoming freshmen at Arrowhead:

We will continue to offer an online version of the Spanish Placement test using Google quizzes that can be taken on any device. The test will be administered during the week of March 15-19 (our normal testing week).

8th graders have been asked if they are interested in taking the test for possible placement into Spanish II. If there are parents who are not sure if their child signed up, please contact Kathy Boyd at to ensure your child is indeed signed up to take the test. Thank you!

Family Teaching and Learning Series

Linked below is the schedule of topics for the Family Teaching and Learning Series. Please see our school website for links to virtual meets.


If there is a topic you would like to add, please email Mrs. Wartzenluft at

Middle School Poetry Contest

Two of our middle school students were brave enough to put their poetry writing skills out into the world this year! They submitted poems to Wisconsin’s first ever Sojo Writing Competition. Congratulations to Julia and Holly!

Here are their poems:

Julia’s poem:

The smell, a memory so sweet my mom’s perfume, the perfect day

Clear skies a lullaby like a big hug in the arms of my mom

With age the scent fades away, one whiff of the smell brings me back…

Holly’s Poem:

The silver fox sat on the rocks

As still as white sugar crystals lying in a heap.

Eyes determined, looking ahead

Like a sailor peering over the edge of a boat searching for land.

He is searching for a meal, licking his lips hungrily.

His throat is scratchy, like sandpaper.

However the silver fox isn’t entirely focused on his roaring stomach or bare throat.

His gaze looms over the colors of the sunset.

The clouds are on fire, blazing orange.

And above the chaos is a soft sky blue, like an angel watching over a terrified child.

The sun dips into the horizon, giving off a honey glow that spreads across the skyline.

As the colors of the sunset fade slowly, a small grin sweeps across the fox’s snout.

He is calm.

He is content.

Because the silver fox enjoys the beauty of life.

His worries dissolve with the sky.

Soon he leaps off the rocks, turning his head just for a second to watch the fire in the sky burn out.

But even as the beautiful colors of the sunset are gone, it is replaced with dazzling stars and a glimmering moon.

Weekly Planner

Monday, March 22

Tuesday, March 23

Wednesday, March 24

Thursday, March 25

  • PTO Dining night, Kuhtz’s 4:00pm-9:00pm

Friday, March 26

  • End of Quarter

Monday, March 29 - Monday, April 5

  • Easter (April 4th)

  • Spring Break, NO School