Peek at the Week

Week of 1/25/16


This Week:

2/2 Faculty Council, 3pm (Wolfe, Toller, Ross, Takimoto, Collins)

2/3 Interim Housing Committee, 4:30pm (Toller, Morgan, Wong, Ratto)

2/4 Chelsea off site for Principal PD (Ms. Morgan in charge)

Coming Up in February:

2/8 Staff meeting: Focus on SEL and RJ lead by Coach C.

2/9- ILT Meeting, 3-4:30pm

2/10- PE PD lead by Ms. Sanchez

2/12- Black History Month Community Celebration, 5:30pm

2/12- Anti Bullying Day (To be discussed on 2/8)

2/15 No SCHOOL

2/19 Book Faire Starts

2/23- SST Day- Please fill out SST paperwork for any students you are concerned about

2/26- Day of Literacy Read-In


3/4- Report Cards Due to Chelsea for Editing

3/11/16- Send Report Cards Home with Students

2016 Assemblies

2/5 Black History Month Assembly

3/3, Bay Area Children's Theater Performance of Aladdin

3/4 Disability Awareness Assembly and Read-In

3/11 Stop Waste Assembly

3/17 Willie Wonka School Performance Assembly

4/29 Glenview LGBTQ Pride Day

5/10 EarthCapades (Environmental and Science Assembly) K-2: 12:45- 1:30, Grades 3-5: 1:50-2:35

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

2015-16 Oakland Unified Big Question of the Year

2015-16 Big Question

How are we aligning strategies for all targeted groups to ensure closing achievement gaps?

Black History Month Assembly, 2/5

Our Black History Theme for this year is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Some classrooms the morning of 12/5 will have visitors who work in fields that use STEM, sharing about their careers. Other classrooms will have volunteers coming in to read to them books about different aspects of black history.


8:30- 9:15 a.m. Glenview Black History Month assembly

-Storytelling by Mr. and Mrs. Brame (Glenview parents)

- OCCC 2nd and 3rd graders to sing

-Introduction of Volunteer Readers (Organized by parents- Britt Anderson & Aisha Hamilton)

- Oratorical Winners to Perform (Miller, Smith, Xavier Newby)

9:30 - 10:15 a.m. Volunteers will go to their assigned classroom to introduce themselves and read an African-American literature book of their choosing*.

Remind your students that Friday, 2/12 at 5pm will be a Black History Month STEM Family Night with hands on science and dinner for all families.

Please have your students write Thank you cards to their visitors! We will make sure we get the thank yous to your volunteers!

TGDS Peer Observation Reminder

- Your Peer Observation planning begins this week. Make sure you are ready to support your peer by having your observation tool, Domaine 3 and you are note taking ready

- We will not debrief the peer observation until 2/17 so it is essential you take notes while observing so you can provide concrete feedback.

Survey Results from Writing PD

Thank you for sharing your feedback with the ILT on your experiences of the writing PD.

Here's a link to the results which will inform our upcoming reading cycle.

Report Card Timeline

Report Cards are Due to Chelsea by Friday, 2/26

Report cards sent home with students on 3/4

Moving Bodies- Operations & Logistics

Wednesday PD- Tour of Santa Fe


Santa Fe

950 53rd St.

Please note:

1) Emeryville High is leasing the building and students WILL be still in session. Please be quiet and respectful of the teachers and students.

2) Linda Morgan and Wil Newby (our construction project manager) will lead the tour

3) Any questions, wonderings, concerns will be collected in a google survey that Ms. Toller will send out in an email. This way all concerns can be captured in one place.

Found it!

Mr. Wolfe: February 1-5

Ms. Smith: February 8-12

Mr. Litt: February 16-19


Pick up clothes in lower and upper yards and hang in the auditorium

Put all "little stuff" (lunches, books, headbands, scarves, hats) in the box next to the rack in the auditorium

Extra - zip/button up sweaters and jackets

More Extra - arrange by size (great for those looking for a "small jacket")

Even More Extra - create a "Labeled" tag(s) that demarks a sectNion on the rack. If your team finds labeled clothes, they can hang them in the labeled area of the rack.

California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)

For the month of February, Glenview is collaborating with California Healthy Kids to administer a survey to parents, students (5th grade only) and staff. This anonymous survey is designed to give us non-academic insight into our students’ well-being and is given to all students, staff and parents in the district.

Last year, Glenview was a Triple Crown Winner and we hope for the same this year. If we reach our goals, Glenview Staff will be entered into a drawing (with other Triple Crown Winners) to receive a freshly cooked breakfast and our school gets a plaque! To win, we need to survey at least 35% of parents, 65% of 5th grade students, and 80% of staff by Friday, February 26, 2016.

To reach this goal, we are offering prizes to individual students, classes, and teachers.

  • Class Party - for classes with the most returned parent surveys

  • Raffle Drawing - for students who return completed parent surveys

  • Raffle Drawing - for teachers with the most completed parent surveys

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Morgan ( or Ms. Cabral ( This campaign will kick off Monday, February 1, 2015. We will hand out hard copies of the parent surveys and provide more information at Monday (2/8) afternoon’s staff meeting.

Here's the link to the staff survey if you have not already done it. If you came to the Staff Prof. Development on Friday, 1/29, we completed the survey there and you are done!

Moving Hearts

RJ Circle Topic #1: Self Awareness: Individual Demonstrates an Understanding of One's Emotions.

Question Suggestions:

1) On a mood scale from 1 (awful) to ten (fabulous) how do you feel today?

2) How does your mood affect how you learn?

3) Describe your mood as an outfit.

4) When your friends are in a bad mood how does that affect you?

5) When you are in a bad mood, how does that affect your friends?

6) What changes about you when you are in a bad mood?

7) What mood do you most often notice yourself in?

8) If your mood were a song, what song would it be?

9) What color is anger? Sadness? Joy? Fear? Pride?