Barclay Bulletin

Remote Learning Volume 3

Instructional Updates

Last week you received notice about the continuation of remote learning from the Interim Superintendent, James Fallon. This week we continue our review topics, with the pivot to new material happening the week of April 13. Please take this week to help students become acclimated to their computers and how to access materials from their classroom teacher if you have not already done so. Many teachers have been experimenting with different modes of technology, but will continue to use familiar methods when communicating with parents.

The move to new instructional materials has probably raised some questions and concerns moving forward. Please know that we are all working to create structure and instruction that will be non-traditional. If you have students in other classrooms, there will probably be differences in how instruction works between teachers, just like it will look different in each home. Flexibility, understanding, and patience are all going to be key over the next few days and weeks. This will be important from school to home and from home to school. We don't know of every situation that occurs in the lives of our students, or our school staff.

If you are struggling with something instructional, reach out directly to the teacher for clarification.

If you have questions or concerns about technology (even picking up a laptop that is still at school) call the help line at 637-1904 or 637-1906.

If you have other questions or concerns for Barclay School, call 637-1840, messages will still be received in as timely a manner as possible.

Classroom teachers will be posting new assignments for the week every Friday. Do your best to accomplish the tasks set forth by the classroom teacher. Students receiving help in reading from a reading teacher during their walk to instruction time at school will have additional resources to work on daily. Please have students work on those assignments that are located in the teams section with their reading teacher's name. Students who receive support services will also have communications with their service providers.

This is not ideal. All of us wish the school year had not been interrupted. Keep trying to do the best you can while juggling the responsibilities you have at home. Teachers will do their best to assess student work that is turned in.