Going Ga Ga Over Women's Suffrage

What Do You Already Know? What Do You Want To Know?


Show the following video from soomopublishing.com to introduce your unit on Women's Suffrage.
Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage


Share the following primary sources with your class. Divide your class into small groups and give each group a set of three primary sources to analyze. Provide your students with the Library of Congress Primary Source Analysis Tool (found here).

Ask each group to share their primary sources and analysis with the class. Allow students from outside groups to contribute any prior knowledge or ideas about each primary source at the end of the analysis and sharing.


Show the video a second time and ask your students to find and discuss representations of each primary source in the video.

As a class, discuss new connections and questions about the suffrage movement and the primary sources that they analyzed.


Ask students to develop questions about suffrage and the material and content from the primary sources that they would like to be able to research and answer by the end of the module. Let these questions and the subsequent research drive the direction and focus of the module.