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Fall 2015

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Halloween Party and Parade

Thank you to all who volunteered and helped to make Halloween a memorable event for students in 3D. We had fun decorating cookies, getting “mummified,” and more! It was great to see you at the parade and celebrate with you in Room 220.

We are Mathematicians!

We wrapped up Unit 2. Look for the Unit 2 Test in your child’s take home folder. Please sign and return it to school by Friday, Nov.13th. Thank you!

Throughout Unit 2, your child:

  • reviewed fact families and number families

  • reviewed and solved “What’s My Rule?” puzzles

  • used diagrams to help solve number stories

  • used a variable to represent an unknown quality when writing number models

  • reviewed algorithms for adding and subtracting

*Important Update* We are jumping ahead to Unit 5: Place Value of Whole Numbers and Decimals. The main area of focus will be to extend previous lessons on the base-10 value system. Please read the Family Letter that went home with your child earlier this week.

*Reminders* Please continue to encourage your child to practice his or her addition and/or subtraction facts daily. We will be starting multiplication quizzes soon. More information to follow.

*Enrichment* is due each Friday.

We are Readers

Our Readers Workshop is an important time for us to learn and grow as readers. We have developed many good habits during this time. You might find us reading independently, reading with a buddy, meeting with our reading group, or practicing word study/spelling.

The Lesson 5 Family Letter is attached to this email. Here is a breakdown of the following skills and strategies we will focus on during Lesson 5.

  • Skill: cause and effect

  • Strategy: visualize

  • Vocabulary: prefix mis-

Lesson 5 is the last lesson in Unit 1. Here is a recap of the important skills and strategies we practiced throughout the unit:

  • Skills: compare/contrast, understanding characters

  • Strategies: infer/predict, analyze/evaluate

  • Vocabulary: base words + endings (-es, -s, -ing, -ed), antonyms

Word Study/Spelling will continue again this week. New lists will be sent home Wednesday, Nov. 11 (Day 1).

Test reminders:

  • Our next reading comprehension, vocabulary,& spelling test day will be Wednesday, Nov. 18 (Day 6).

We are Writers

We have been busy writing and revising our very own personal narratives. Here’s what we know about good writing. Good writers:

  • choose one small moment that is meaningful and important to the writer

  • practice for writing by rehearsing and storytelling over and over

  • use checklists and rubrics to reflect and set new goals

  • use a storyteller’s voice to help the reader picture a movie in his or her head

  • include actions, dialogue, feelings, and thoughts

We are in revision stage of writing. During this stage, we are rereading our stories to make sure we:

  1. develop the “heart of the story” which is the most important part of the entire story

  2. correctly spell words we know by heart

  3. capitalize proper nouns, titles, and words at the beginning of sentences

  4. add punctuation at the end of each sentence

  5. organize our writing using paragraphs

This is hard work, but it means we are one step closer to publishing!! We are excited to start publishing these special stories soon.

We are Botanists

We have been watching our Wisconsin Fast Plants grow and develop for the past few weeks. We immediately learned about thinning and transplanting the plants in order to provide the best conditions for each one to grow. After delicately removing about one plant from each section, we were able to observe the roots. Healthy plants were transplanted to new planters.

As we watch our plants grow, we notice new and incredible things. First, we observed the seed leaves which looked like a heart. Then, we noticed a new type of leaf was growing. We noticed the edges weren’t smooth, but rather spiky! We learned these are the called the true leaves.

When we got back from fall break, we noticed flowers bloomed! Some grew to be 27 cm. tall! Wow!

We are learning about bees and pollinated our plants. We wonder:

  • How do bees carry pollen?
  • How do they make honey?
  • Why do they collect pollen?
  • What will happen next?

We are a Community

We enjoying playing games like Get to Know You Jenga. It helps us learn more about our classmates!
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