youth activist

by:valentin cebreros

Alana Rosie West: She is a voice for the animals!

“Keeping animals in captivity is wrong and heartbreaking and I am extremely passionate about spreading awareness of the mistreatment of these cetaceans. I was stoked when Blackfish came out as finally the world is beginning to see what I have seen for years"


She studies social work and human rights, ending cruelty to animals is what she is most desires and is working very hard . Alana is an a organization called Headspace, which is a national youth mental-health foundation,it helps run campaigns and events. From the age of 7, Alana knew that zoos and marine parks were wrong to have and she now hopes to see SeaWorld close its doors soon she is really focusing on that.

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Born July 27, 1967, to Tom and Mary West in Cleveland Ohio she grew up there with her three sisters. Alanna attended St. Joseph Academy for high school and graduated from The Ohio State University in 1990 with her degree in English Communications education