Costa Rica


Land and Climate


  1. Costa Rica covers 19,730 sq miles.
  2. About half of the land is covered by forests.
  3. Costa Rica has a diverse landscape.


  1. Costa Rica is entirely in the tropics.
  2. Coastal lowlands are hot and humid. (Average temp. is 81 degrees F)
  3. Central highlands are cooler and most people live here. (Average temp. is 67 degrees F)
  4. Costa Rica has a wet season (May-November) and a dry season (December-April)

History and Government


  1. Many native peoples lived in Costa Rica before the arrival of the Spanish in 1502.
  2. Costa Rica declared its independence from Spain in 1821.
  3. Costa Rica became a sovereign (self-governing) nation in 1838.


7 Day Vacation Plan

Day 1

The first day is a travel day from Chicago, IL (O'Hare) airport to San Jose, Costa Rica. Your trip begins with a flight from Chicago, IL to Mexico City, Mexico aboard Aeromexico. Your next flight will take you from Mexico City, Mexico to San Jose, Costa Rica. The cost of your flight is $1,011.80.

Day 2

This will be considered your first full day of the vacation in Costa Rica. After breakfast at your hotel you will leave for the day on the Midworld Superman Tour (Zipline). The cost is $70 per person or a total of $140 for two. Lunch will be at La Esquire de Buenos Aires restaurant. Your meal will cost around $45 for two. Dinner will be at L'Olivo restaurant which specializes in Italian cuisine. Your meal will cost $50 for two.

Day 3

Today your adventure continues with a deep sea fishing expedition. This tour will include a lunch aboard the boat..........

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Today is the final full day of your vacation in beautiful Costa Rica. Your final day will include some sightseeing and souvenir shopping........

Day 7

This is the day you will return home from your adventure filled vacation to Costa Rica. Your flight will return to Chicago, IL (O'Hare) airport.........


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