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Tips, Tricks, & Good News at Schoolcraft CS V12

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Want to watch a Schoolcraft Kindergartner Code?

A Kindergartener from Mrs. Frey's class needed a little behavioral motivation and an outlet for his tech interest. Hand him a Sphero and an IPad and 4 minutes what he pulled off!
Kindergartener Using Coding with Sphero(1)
PBS Digital Innovator

The applications are open for the 2017 PBS Digital Innovator program. If you are accepted as the Lead Digital Innovator from Michigan, you will get an expense-paid trip to Houston Texas, training with PBS and a one day pass to ISTE. Good luck!

Are you teaching students to be compliant or innovative?

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Tip of the Week: Virtual Field Trips

If we had unlimited funds we would be taking our students to authentically experience everything we teach them, wouldn't we? Fly down to Austraila to see the Great Barrier Reef. Head to Switzerland for The Large Hadron Collider. Take a boat down the Mississippi to better understand Mark Twain's point of view.

What if I can tell you this is possible even without those unlimited funds?

Virtual field trips allow you to use an IPad/Camera on your end of the trip while a real life person speaks to you and your students and may give you a tour of the location of your interest. Where can you get more information about these trips? USE THIS LINK for hundreds of possibilities and check out a 1 minute clip of a classroom below!

Skype in the Classroom! Wyoming State Museum virtual field trip!
Schoolcraft PD Menu

January and February are shaping up to be action-packed times for learning with your peers! How do I reach all students? How can tech help make my life easier? How does Illuminate inform my instruction? Check the PD menu for answers!

Upcoming PD at KRESEA REMC Innovation Center

If you are interested in any of the sessions mentioned below they are not only free and can earn you SCECHS but Matt McCullough will accompany you so you have a friend to learn with and bounce ideas off of! Just let him know! (LINK TO REGISTRATION FOR EVENTS)
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Personalizing Your PD with EduPaths! is a state-run website (see: your taxes are paying for it!) of PD opportunites you can choose and complete at your pacing! Interested in learning about something? Chances are they have it! Bonus: you get SCECHs of completion!

Don't forget!!!

Documentation of utilizing this newsletter or any of our coaching conversations can be evidence of Domain 4 "Professional Responsibilities" A, D, and E on your Danielson evaluation rubric!