Honors English 101

by Stuart Moore

Intro to Honors English 9

My name is Stuart Moore, and I will help you through Honors English 9! You will be reading many books throughout the year. For every book you read you will have at least 5 projects for that book. To pass this class you cannot wait last minute to do the projects Mrs. Allen gives you.

Course Overview

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Cold Sassy Tree

In Cold Sassy Tree you will follow the adventures of Will Tweedy. This book was placed in a small southern town in the 1900s. This town was turned upside down when Wills grandpa marries a women 20 years younger than him.
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Divergent is probably the best book you will read this year. You will follow Tris and her change from the quit and peaceful life of abnegation to the dangerous life of dauntless. She will also find that she is not like everyone else, and she has to hide it or else she will be killed.
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Romeo and Juliet

"Romeo o Romeo where art thou Romeo." For this book you will have to take a lot of notes before you even read the book. Then you will have a test for every scene. She will also give you many projects.
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The Odyssey

This is one of the hardest reads you will have. The book is very hard to follow because of how much happens in the book. You will have to make trading cards for everyone in the book, and many other projects for this book.

Independent Reading

Although we read many books in class Mrs. Allen also loves having you read independently. Over the course of this year you will have three independent reading projects. You will read a Dystopian book, a historical book, and a realistic book. These are the books I read.


My favorite book would have to be Divergent. This book follows Tris from her change from abnegation to Dauntless. This book is very action packed and you never know what will happen next.
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Not so Favorites

I did not enjoy Romeo and Juliet and the Odyssey. These two were very hard to follow, and the word choice was very difficult to read. You will also do many projects on these two books.

My Advice

If you want to pass this class you will need to follow this advice. You will need to do all your projects early. If you wait last minute to do them you will not get as good of a grade. You will also need to love reading. We are always starting a new book and she gives us books to read on our own time.

5 Ways to Pass Honors English 9

  1. Never Procrastinate.
  2. Read all the books.
  3. Keep binder clean.
  4. Never make fun of trees.
  5. Use Computer App. time wisely.

Inspirational Quotes

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.