The 1990's

An Overview of the Decade

U.S. Presidents & Key World Leaders

George H.W. Bush was the United States president for 4 years in the early part of the decade. His campaign slogan was "Read my lips, no new taxes." Many were disappointed when his slogan turned out to be a lie by the end of his term. His greatest presidential success is the handling of Hussein's invasion on Kuwait.

Bill Clinton served as president for the rest of the decade. He endorsed a health care reform, but was not successful. His biggest accomplishment as president was leading the U.S. through a time of economic prosperity.

Saddam Hussein was the president of Iraq during the 1990's. In the early part of the decade, Hussein attacked the small country of Kuwait. The U.S. sent forces into Kuwait after their deadline for Iraqi forces to leave Kuwait was ignored.

Key Laws Passed/Supreme Court Decisions

Both of these laws helped created more equality in the workforce:

  • Disability Laws (1990)-Allowed employees to be able to keep their jobs if they got hurt.
  • Civil Rights Act (1991)- Allowed equal employment. Couldn't discriminate based on gender and race.
  • St. Mary's Honor Center vs. Hicks- Hicks was fired and he accused his work place of racial discrimination.

Wars of the 1990's

The Persian Gulf War started in 1990 and ended in 1991. Iraq invaded Kuwait. President Bush declared to invade Iraq, because Kuwait is a major oil supplier to the U.S.

The Cold War finally came to an end in 1992 after the Soviet Union fell in power.

In 1993 a bomb was set in a parking garage at the World Trade Center by terrorists.

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Many new inventions were being released in the 1990's. The popularity of CD's were expanding in this decade. The first MP3 player came out and was very popular among younger people. Automobiles now had automatic doors and windows! Other inventions such as the Java computer language, DVD, and GPS were also very popular inventions.


Movies: A plethora of different movie genres were extremely popular in this decade. Some of the best movies from this decade include: Titanic, The Shawshank Redemption, and Saving Private Ryan.

Music: Music was beginning to change as the decade went on. Many groups started to become popular. Popular singers include: Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block, and Whitney Houston.


Professional sports teams that were considered good in this decade include: the Chicago Bulls (Basketball), Green Bay Packers (Football), and Cincinnati Reds (Baseball).

Athletes that were popular in the 1990's include:

  • Michael Jordan- famous African American basketball player
  • Tiger Woods- African American golf player
  • Wayne Gretzky- hockey player for Oilers
  • Deion Sanders- NFL