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Welcome to my cake shop.

Were happines comes to life.

Our shop makes the best homemade cakes in town.

We have so much you can choose from flavoring to decorations.We also have cooking classes 5:00-6:00.We can make cakes for Birthday parties,Weddings, and also just to eat.

We have butter cream frosting, spinkles, foundent, and much more.

We open at 7:00am - 7:00pm on Mondays,Tuesdays,Wensdays,Thursdays,and Fridays .We have wifi, sofas you can sit on, and tvs to intrest you .

We have a tv, We have sofas, We also have wifi so you can play on your phone when ever you would like.

We are cake land and we are the best cake shop in town (THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE FOR SCHOOL)

Our cake store has all the stuff you can think of .Dont forget to come and dont forget to have a blast.
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