Sugar Glider

Some Interesting Facts by Allanah C

Sugar Glider

The Sugar Glider is an Australian marsupial mammal. The scientific name for the Sugar Glider is Petaurus Breviceps.

The size of the Sugar Glider is 32 to 40cm including their tail. It weighs between 100 to 160 grams.

The Sugar Glider lives in forests and woodlands. It is normally diurnal, but some species are nocturnal. They breed in late winter and spring, they usually have two babies which stay in the pouch for seventy days. The Sugar Glider eats insects, spiders, gum and sap out of trees.

Gliders are related to the black spotted Cuscus and the Feather Tail Possum.

The Sugar Glider’s predators are introduced species, including foxes, cats and dogs. The biggest threat to a Sugar Glider is chopping down trees and introducing feral animals to Australia. The Sugar Glider is critically endangered. The Government is working to protect the species.

The Sugar Glider is an important native animal. We should work with the Government to save this species.