Media and Its Literature

Elis Sanchez

Media in a Nutshell

Media is what is given to us daily through the papers, computer, television, and our electronic devices. It’s what we learn and hear about. All the scandals, all the advertisements, everything we know about. The mainstream media is what defines our culture. Our minds and ways of thought are shaped by how the media depicts how we should act and live. “You have to wear this” and “This is the new trend.” Those are words we hear on a daily basis. It makes us think differently, act differently, dress differently. It creates us into a different person. Something that we may have wanted to turn into or something we didn’t expect to turn into. The news shows us violence on a daily basis, a shooting here or a bombing over there. It makes our country paranoid and scared. It makes us judge people before getting to know them. It makes people think that a certain person might rob them or another might be rich and intellectual. It’s all rubbish. Kids these days have strict rules. We can’t wear certain items because it portrays something bad, as the media says. But everything has a silver lining. The media also shows people being saviors, saints and all around good people. It shows the military helping victims of a hurricane or a billionaire donating to charity. It gives people hope that our world is actually a good place. All these things encompass what I believe the media is defined as. I believe what media literature means is that we know what happens around us. We’re aware of the violence, the hatred, the caring and the charity. We’re educated to a degree in what mainstream media is. I’m not saying that we all should be educated on the latest short comings of a pop star, but simply know what is happening around the world as it is depicted on the television and such. We don’t have to agree with what they’re saying, but we should at least form our own opinions.

Audi 2014 Big Game Commercial - Doberhuahua

Rhetorical Preci - Doberhuahua

Audi in the advertisement, Doberhauhau Compromise, asserts that compromise is a terrible thing. In the advertisement, a mix of a Doberman and a Chihuahua is shown to be a horrible compromise between a couple. It shows depictions of the Doberhuahua terrorizing the city and simply being a horrid thing. Audi’s purpose is to show that their new car, the A3, is a beautiful creation to convince it’s not a compromise in any way and is therefore quite the car. The author shows it in a humorous tone for Superbowl watchers to learn about their new car.

Not So Kinetic Typography

A Hell Inside Myself

There is a hell, believe me I've seen it. There is a hell, it lives inside of me. Day by day, the hell inside of me gets larger and larger. Deeper, darker and a bit more lachrymose. This hell that lives inside consumes me. This living hell, this hellish hell, this hateful hell. It’ll pass they say, just don’t be bothered by it they say. They don’t know how hard it is. To have this hole, ten miles wide, inside of me. It makes me want to jump of a building, or in front of a car. Make my hell a work of art. Have my blood painted on the cold cement. Make it pretty, make it red. Tears mixed with blood form puddles on the road. No one cared when I was alive, but now that I’m dead, I become the most loved being in the world. No one wanted to help before, but now they wished they did. They wish that I was alive, they wish that I was well. They wish that they could have helped my living hell. That’s one road I could go down. But there is a Heaven, so let’s keep it a secret. Through sadness and sorrow, happiness can be found. A happiness that knows no bound. An interest in blood can fight the want to draw it from my wrists. Looking, watching and laughing at horror. This is my way, this is my aura. Seeing death makes me not wish to die anymore. It helps quite a lot, it’s not quite a bore. I feed my hell with anger and hate, I feed this hell with a scene I shouldn't recreate. The hell that lives inside of me grows content over time. Finding happiness in friends and finding happiness in rhyme. Breakdowns and mosh pits let out my anger. These people with me, they know what I feel. So there is a hell, believe me I've seen it, and there is a heaven, but let’s keep it a secret.

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Bieber Wants Change Now

Elis Sanchez, Staff Reporter

Tues March 18, 2014

LA – Justin Bieber blames preteen fans for his bad image. He says that the way he acts is because he doesn’t want be associated with the image of preteens. He explains that he does bad stuff now in hopes that the parents will ban their children from wanting him in any way shape or form. Bieber leaks almost nude photos of himself on the internet hoping to be the final push to make parents ban their children. “I just want to be viewed as a mature artist and not as the person I was back in 2008,” says Bieber himself. He plans to do more drastic measures in later months on his upcoming tour in June.

The Iron Fist

World War II was the war that changed the whole world. The Germans and the Russians teamed up to completely dominate the Allied forces. Though Hitler disliked the communist idea of the Russians, he knew that he needed their strength and numbers to defeat the Allies. The Axis Power worked their way westward but began in China. A grueling two year war ensued between the Axis Powers and China. With America and Great Britain focusing their forces in Germany, the Axis Powers easily conquered China as a whole. Afterwards, The Axis Powers began attacking France. With some help with the British, the French were able to put up a formidable fight in the beginning. But as the Russians sent more troops in to aid the Axis forces, the French and British numbers soon dwindled. After four months of bloody fighting, the French soon surrendered. Next up on the list of attack was Great Britain. Germany had some trouble with this one because their forces had to cross the English Channel. Since the British was expecting a battle between them, they asked for some aid from the Americans. The army of America gave them troops, tanks, submarines, and four planes in hopes that it would stop the Axis Power. As the German forces went through the English Channel, the American submarines took out numerous German ships. After constant failure by the Germans, they became smart and brought their own U-Boats to battle the American ones. A short underwater battle soon came underway. By bringing in more U-Boats than they needed, the Germans swarmed the American submarines. Once all of the American Submarines were disposed of, the Germans soon regained momentum to defeat the British. The battle between the Germans and the British was a heavy one. Cities became battlegrounds for the forces. Citizens had to travel westward to escape the violence. The Americans called this battle The Downfall. They knew that they were the final wall that the Axis Powers had to topple to become a world power. The British numbers, even with their American aid, soon died off. One by one, the cities became rubble. The air became thick with smoke from the fire that came from vehicles that have exploded in the war. The Germans, angered at how long this battle is taking, asked the Russians to send aid to help finish the battle quickly. Knowing that victory was near, the Russians sent numerous troops and weapons and tanks to finish the job. The battle quickly ended. America was next and they knew it. Rather than draw out a battle that they knew that they were going to lose, they simply surrendered. Knowing that the Axis power became the world power to dominate everything they became tearing down the key structures that went against their plan. All the Jews in the concentration camps were disposed of. New laws were written to accommodate the ideas and beliefs of the Axis Power. Stalin and Hitler became co-leaders of the world, ruling with an iron fist. They were soon known as Big Brother, even after they passed away.

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The reason I chose to rewrite this specific time in history was because I found this quite interesting and very fantasy like.

My Response to 1984

Overall I believe that 1984 was a fantastic book to read. Though the beginning was very slow and there were parts of the story that did slow down, the whole story was quite captivating. The characters in the story became very lifelike with the detail that Orwell gave us. The main characters colorful personalities shown through the sad and grey personalities of the supporting characters. The world they lived in was so lifelike, you could smell the horrid scent of victory gin or see all the hopelessness in the Ministry of Love. I was caught off-guard when I read the ending. The whole time I thought that O’Brien was testing Winston the whole time in the Ministry of Love. I believed that it was just like the prison sequence in V for Vendetta. I believed that Winston and Julia would reunite and live happily ever after once they both got out of the Ministry of Love. But no, Orwell hits us when we least expect it. They betray each other. The love that we thought they had broke down in front of our eyes. Everything we wanted to happen didn’t happen at all. After all that Winston has been through, he comes to accept that he loves Big Brother. The disappointment I felt because of Winston was too much for me to explain. I believe that the Orwell did a terrific job criticizing our government of the modern world. He accurately described our world and what it might be decades before it ever happened. We are constantly being watched by the government, just like the Thought Police and Telescreens do to everyone in 1984. If I was the author of 1984, I would’ve changed the ending. I would change it to like what it was in V for Vendetta after the prison sequence. There would be happiness afterwards, not acceptances of defeat. But it would be such an expected ending to a hardship, so I would just leave it as Orwell wrote it. That’s what makes 1984 such a beautiful book, the ending. It’s so unexpected, so unwanted, but it’s creative.

Media Literacy Reflection

I learned numerous skills that I could use in my upcoming life as a college freshman. I learned how to make précis and how conveniently easy they are to create. I learned how to analyze books and stories more properly. I can now analyze a text to find the hidden meaning and create inferences from them. This class has taught me that the government isn’t all that it says that it is. The government spies on us on a daily basis because of the NSA. Media literacy has taught me that there are always heroes when we least expect them. Edward Snowden reveals that the government is spying on us without our knowledge. The class was vastly different from all my language arts classes. We used more technology here than I did in all of my other language arts classes combined. Media literacy was more interactive that other classes. There was less writing, but when we did write, it was much more in depth. We created videos and typography and art rather than essay after essay after essay after essay. We read fewer books than other classes. Though we read fewer books, these books related to our modern society and life itself. 1984 related to how the government is corrupt and how they scrutinized their people. In our society, our real lives, the government watches us constantly. The interrogation techniques reflected how we interrogated prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and prisoners of war in general. This class taught us how media affects us on a day to day basis. Not even day to day, but second by second. Our nation as a whole has grown into the media age. Twitter and Facebook and Youtube affect our lives today. A simple tweet can get someone fired from their job. A little picture or a little video can incriminate someone for a crime they committed but didn’t confess to. To make this class even better for future students, they can make this class into a yearlong class rather than a semester long class. There isn’t enough time in a semester to finish all the stuff we were supposed to finish. Get more in depth with the reading would be better. Have better discussions, maybe even Socratic Seminars to reinforce the text we were supposed to read. A bit more videos and other tools that relate to the subject we are studying would be lovely as well. Other than those things, this class is perfect the way it is.