Jamestown/John Smith

By Nathaniel Jones


"History is the memory of time, the life of the dead and the happiness of the living." That is a famous quote by John Smith. Did you know that Jamestown had a lot of Native Americans. I will tell you about the real story of Pocahontas. How did John Smith help Jamestown? Well I'm going to tell you about all of these.


The Native Americans In The Jamestown Colony

The Native Americans came from Africa, well most of them. When they did they built houses on swampy lands. One year before John Smith came to Jamestown, the Native Americans left Africa and built a community in 1607. The Native Americans trusted John Smith as a good leader. Now you know about the Native Americans at Jamestown.


Pocahontas saves the leader of Jamestown

I'm going to tell you about the real story of Pocahontas saving John Smith. Some People say John Smith was in a gun powder explosion. Others say John Smith was captured by an Indian chief named Powhatan, no one knows the truth. Pocahontas saved John Smith in 1608. That's the real story of Pocahontas saving John Smith.


John Smith Helping The Jamestown Colony

This is how John Smith helped the Jamestown colony. As leader of Jamestown John Smith tried to keep peace and establish trade with the Native Americans. He encouraged production in the colony, famously established the policy of "no work, no food." John Smith said that anyone who was healthy enough must gather as much food as possible, if not he'd be banished. Finally the Native Americans became good friends with John Smith and got supplies that he needed. That's how John Smith helped Jamestown.


A Review Of What You Learned

Are you forgetting what you learned? Well here's a review. First we learned that there's a lot of Native Americans from Africa. Second we learned that Pocahontas saved John Smith from a gun powder explosion or getting captured by the indian chief named Powhatan. Last We learned that John Smith became friends with the Native Americans. That's a review of what you learned.