Become a Lawyer!

Some of the requirements or conditions of a typical lawyer.

Skills that might help.

Communicating with others

Working with others

Solving problems

Managing people time and things


have a high school diploma or GED; have a bachelor's degree; have a law degree; and pass the Bar exam for the state in which you would like to work

The Workplace

Possible locations where you might work.

A law firm

A federal, state, or local government agency

A finance or insurance agency

Physical Conditions

Work indoors all the time.

Sit for long periods of time.

Work with other people all the time.

Deal with people who are angry or upset every day.

Often talk with clients and others who are not lawyers.

Be responsible for your work and the work of coworkers.


Full time.

More than 40 hours a week, especially when doing research and writing legal documents.


On average pay could be $114,300 a year

Where this job can lead you

Get a job in the legal department of a large corporation.

Become a partner in the law firm you work for.

Get a job teaching at a law school.