Save the Orangutans!!

help us and our homes


The Victorian Zoo have made conservation programs that are designed to help animals that are endangered by humans. These programs help people to recognize and further understand the bad effects and impacts that people can have on animal’s lives and their habitats, this could simply result to the products humans make, use or buy. People’s actions and decisions can also impact the orangutan species. The program ‘Don’t palm us off ‘ is a program that boosts people’s knowledge about how bad the products they buy/use or produce affect orangutan’s everyday lives, by going into their habitats and clearing tropical rainforest land in use for our everyday lives.

Save the Orangutans Colour Run

Saturday, Nov. 21st, 2:30-4:30pm

Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, VIC

Event goes for 3 hours

Event goals

*Raise money -$15,000

Fundraiser for the Orangutans

This event will help raise awareness to many people in the public about what is happening to these poor animals and there habitats. The event will also let the public know the truth about palm oil and how its not being properly labeled on packaging and ect. By the public knowing the truth we all will be able to help animals remain in there wild habitats as a community and fight for animal rights.

Help us and our homes.

our event is going to raise heaps of awareness and raise alot of money which will help out animals endangered. This is why my campaign is the best! So join us on the 21st of November on our crazy adventure to help animals endangered.