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GSC Education Newsletter -- January, 2015

Putting on a New Shirt

I just read an article by this title. Maybe you read it too? It was written by Dan Weber and published in the December 2014 edition of Adventist World. To summarize he tells the story of a musician who entered a music store to browse the records and albums some thirty years after he had performed in concert in this city. As the story goes, while shopping in the store he observed a poster of himself and in looking at the poster he realized that at this very moment he was wearing the exact same shirt that he was wearing in this 30 year old poster. He told the storekeeper: "I think it's time for me to get some new clothes."

Weber makes the point that Christians are sometimes afraid of changing their appearance because it might appear that they have changed their values. But he isn't talking about clothes at all. Instead, he's concerned about the way that Christians appear to those around us; how we Christians are perceived.

I see an application for SDA educators and for our SDA schools as we ponder these two questions: Is our appearance, approach and practice fresh and appealing to those whom we market Adventist education? Can we put on a "new shirt" that is appealing to new generations and a constantly changing culture without altering our values and priorities?

Education Fair is Just Days Away

Who: Grades 5-8
Where: Bass Memorial Academy
When: January 25-26, 2012. Registration begins at 1:00. Events begin at 2:00
Why: Students can showcase the excellent work they have completed at school and demonstrate what they can do on the spot while meeting their fellow GSC students who attend other schools in our GREAT SDA Education System.

Spiritual Collaboration Day

A few days ago, I gave a report to our Pastors and reminded them that there is no better field for evangelism than that which exists in our schools. Please use your spiritual collaboration day, as scheduled on your calendar, to strategize with your pastor and other local stakeholders about how you can work together to make the spiritual component of our holistic education even more vibrant than it might be now.

According to the most recent Valuegenesis Study, 82% of all students enrolled in SDA schools said that attending the school increased their faith. 82% is fantastic, but can we do better?

Check Out These Helpful Resources

I've made each item a hyperlink to take you to the resource!



The Benefits of Walking

The latest research reflects the old research: walking is good for you. A new study at Cambridge University found that a 20-minute walk at a vigorous pace reduces the risk of early death by between 16 and 30 percent.

This is all the more reason we should 1. walk; 2. participate in the PHYSICAL GENESIS program that begins in March; and participate in the the Walk Fit program that Bob Benge supervises.

Participation in WalkFit requires a classroom to walk at least 5 minutes each day at school for 12 weeks during the winter/spring 2015.

Classrooms that successfully participate are given a classroom award and each student is given a medal with ribbon.

For classrooms that don't want to walk, alternate activities are accepted as long as everyone is active simultaneously for at least 5 minutes.

Teacher's must enroll by January 31. Contact:

Bob Benge Ph.D

Southern Adventist University

School of Physical Education, Health and Wellness

Phone 423.236.2855

Fax 423.236.1850


WraP Testing Window is March 3-13

Kelsey and I will be attending a webinar January 22, 2015. Afterward, the union will be holding webinar's for teacher's to attend regarding the proposed changes for this year's testing. Either Kelsey or I will send out that information in a separate email once we have it. For now, we need to know how many tests to order for your school. Please look for an email from Kelsey and reply to her promptly so that the tests arrive in time.

Certification Status

Now is the time of the year to check your status and make sure things are in order for next school year.

You can check your teaching status by going to the Adventist Edge website and doing the following:

1. Go to the website

2. Click on “Educators”

3. Next, click on “Certification” in the left side bar of the screen

4. You should now be on the “Certification” webpage.

5. Log into the Adventist Education Toolkit by clicking this link:

a. Keep in mind, the email address you gave to the person assigning your Educator ID number is the email address you need to log in with.

b. If you have problems logging in, contact the person who assigned your Educator ID number.

6. You should now be on the “NAD Education Dashboard” page, click on the eCertification bar and it will open up a PDF of your Certification Status Sheet.

Periodically review and print your Status Sheets for your record and reference. Contact Luberta Biggs if you have questions regarding the information on it.

Summer Courses

I've been asked to share this course information with you.

Dr. W. Eugene Brewer will be teaching the course TRENDS AND ISSUES IN EDUCATION (3 Semester Graduate Credits) at Southern Adventist University from July 6-17, 2015 (8AM to 1PM)

Register with SAU. They will be adding this course to their list of summer course offerings

Professional Growth Books for Non-Academic Credit

Follow the steps below to access the NAD Professional Growth Book List. In addition, you need must work with your Superintendent on his/her requirements. Finally, add the completed series to your NAC form which is due in your local conference office by August 1 of each year.

1. All of the books are listed on website.

2. Click on the “Professional Development” tab and the books are listed in the bottom last column.

a. A critique of the books is sent to your Superintendent’s Office for review with a Non-Academic Credit form.

b. After it is reviewed, the NAC form is sent to the Union Certification Office for further processing

3. Check with your Superintendents for this/her requirements

* You can request the general "critique" outline for teachers from this office to be used as a guide if your conference does not have one.

Other Professional Growth Books: Books read outside of the NAD list will earn 5 clock hours (.13 Non-Academic Credit). The books should be related to what you teach or plan to teach (new endorsement area) in the classroom and based on what is going to improve your capacity to be effective in the classroom.

A general "critique" should be submitted with your NAC form for books read outside of the NAD list as well.

Important Reminders

1. Jr. Academy 2Serve Conference in Orlando, Orlando February 26-28, 2015
2. 2015-16 School Budgets due to the GSC Office of Education
3. Southern Union Lab Month: March, 2015
4. Robotics Challenge at Southern: March 22, 2015
5. Outdoor School at Camp Alamisco, Grades 5-6: April 6-9, 2015

Educator Birthdays -- February

Happy February Birthday to Rachel (7th, Big Cove), Phil (27th, Bass Memorial Academy)
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Stan Hobbs

Superintendent of Schools, Gulf States Conference of Seventh-day Adventists