How to stay fit and perform to the best of your abilities.

Keeping fit

SMOKING-If you have smoked for a long time or a short time it can harm you stop now to perform your best. Smoking can cause heart desease which can lead to a heart attack and cause a death.Smoking can also cause lung disease which can lead to severe health problems and even death.

DIET-If you dont have the right foods and drinks you can perform poorly. You should replace the water inside you all the time as most of you is made of water. You should have plenty of protein as it is essentailfor growth and repair. You should have some carbohydrates for fast release energy. You need some fats but not to much for slow release energy.Eat lots of vitamins for healthy skin and good night vision.If you want strong teeth and bones you should have lots of help avoid constipation have lots of fibre.

SLEEP-Most people need seven hours sleep but athletes sometimes need more.They may suffer from these simtoms energy decreased, worse decision making and reflexes and hormone changes.

INJURY- Steps to prevention of injury.

Step 1

Steady jogging for 10 minutes this is to warm up the muscles and you should start to sweat, this should also increase your heart rate you shoul also feel that it reduces stiffness in joints.

Step 2

Streching for 10 minutes warms up your muscles before you start, to keep muscles warm jog inbetween streches, hold each strech for 10 seconds, strech each of the muscles in relevent groups.

Step 3

When exercise is finished warm down.