Poetry Postcards

and The Living Poetry Project

The Living Poetry Project is calling for Poems for The Poetry Postcard Party

On March 4th people will be gathering to create, write, share, and send postcards voicing their political concerns. Some will make handmade cards, but others will appreciate having ready made cards for them to write their local representatives.

The Living Poetry Project would love to have your poems featured on these cards. Your words will be the front facing art.

Be mindful that the blank side of these cards will be used for people to write their local and national representatives about a wide range of concerns. If you want your card to ONLY BE USED for specific concerns, you will need to say so in your submission.

This project will be a collaboration in broadest sense. If you are feeling brave, this is the project for you.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints, (sorry, I'm a single mom and a school teacher so my pockets are a bit, eh, shallow.) not all submission will be able to be used, but I will do my best to include as many poems as possible. Most likely I will pick a card that best represents the following concerns:

Black Lives Matter

Climate Control

Dakota Access Pipeline

Education K-12

Education (Higher)

Immigrant Rights

Labor Rights

LGBT Rights

Refugee Rights

Rent Control

Women's Rights

Veterans Rights / Care

AND we are open to other topics we may have missed in this limited list.

Please send submission to nicellecdavis@gmail.com by February 15th. Please indicate in your email that you give The Living Poetry Project the right to use your poem for the Poetry Postcard Party. Please also acknowledge that you are fully aware that these cards will be used as part of a peaceful protest.

Best to you brave poets.

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You bring the Voice, We'll provide the Postage

Poetry Postcards
Saturday March 4

11 AM - 3 PM

From 11 AM – 1 PM
Postcards and art supplies will be provided for the community to help them voice their concerns about the current political climate. A list of local and national representatives will be provided. This is a great time and space for people to gather information and learn where and how they’d like to address their voice.

From 1 PM – 3 PM
After the poetry postcards are created there will be an open mic for people to share their words.

Postage will be provided for the cards so everyone is able to mail their work to the appropriate representative.

Poetry Postcard Facilitators Include
Nicelle Davis, Cls Ferguson, Rich Ferguson, Arminé Iknadossian, Melanie Jeffrey, Brian Sonia-Wallace

Poetry Postcards

Saturday, March 4th, 11am-3pm

681 Venice Blvd


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.