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BEST District of the EVSC - August 27, 2015


As teachers, we feel overwhelmed sometimes by the work. If there are ways to save time, we take advantage of it. In a way to organize all of important web links or bookmarks, try Symbaloo. It could be a HUGE timesaver.

Essentially Symbaloo allows users to create Webmixes that function as small tiles of frequently visited links. By making a Symbaloo Webmix your homepage, users can have all of those links at your fingertips at all times. Try these steps below, you will be glad you did!

Step 2: Click "Add This Webmix"

Note: You will need a Symbaloo Account. The easiest way to create a Symbaloo Account is connecting the login with your Google Account Credentials. In this way, you will have one less username and password to keep track of.

Step 3: Setting Your Homepage in Chrome

Next Steps. . .

What about creating a webmix for your class(es)? Students could set this webmix as their homepage. Think about the time savings there!

Do you need to move a file from one folder in Drive to another folder? Click Below.

Too Much Magnesium - Watch This Video

A little too much Magnesium

Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach for the BEST District

Please feel free to contact me for any level of support. My typical schedule is as follows:

Monday - GLA

Tuesday - Harper and Dexter

Wednesday - Lodge

Thursday - Washington

Friday - Bosse, GLA, and Downtown