Election of Nixon

The Election of 1968
  • Nixon - Republican
  • Wallace - American Independent
  • Humphrey - Democrat

Republicans win by a landslide

  • Nixon takes office in January of 1969
  • Military and welfare spending increases dramatically
  • Prices rose from increasing pay, low supply and high demand lead to high prices

Election of 1972

  • Nixon- Republican
  • McGovern - Democratic
Only Massachusetts votes for McGovern, the rest of the country votes for Nixon

Vietnam War Under Nixon

  • Nixon had a great mind for foreign policies
  • Vietnamization, the withdrawal of 540,000 troops from Vietnam
  • The South Vietnamese were forced to use what knowledge and weapons the Americans had left to hold out against the North
  • Nixon did not want to end the war, but remove American troops from the fight
  • Nixon involves Cambodia in the war
  • Riots break out in the US
  • Nixon withdraws troops from Cambodia

Policy of “Détente”

  • A "thawing out" of the Cold War; temporary pressure relief between USSR and China
  • Nixon accepts an invitation to vistit China in 1972
  • This period of decreased tension greatly improved relations with the Communist China
  • In May of 1972, Nixon visits Moscow next
  • The Soviets were worried that the US and China were going to form an alliance against them, and so the Soviets were eager to participate in talks with Nixon
  • US and Soviet food trade; 750 million worth of wheat, corn and cereals were traded to the Soviet Union
  • ABM treaty; limits ballistic missiles
  • These actions by Nixon helped to get the US out of Vietnam

Watergate, Nixon's Impeachment, The Resignation

  • Watergate - a series of scandals, such as the burglary of the Democratic headquarters
  • Many Hours aides and advisers were forced to resign from their positions due to things like criminal obstruction of justice
  • The improper use of the FBI and CIA; these agencies were used to audit or harass opponents of the Republican party
  • Articles of impeachment are drawn when Nixon is taken to court about the Watergate tapes; Nixon refuses to release certain tapes
  • The tapes are revealed to have Nixon participating in cover-ups and the misuse of the CIA and the FBI
  • Public lashed out, forced Nixon to either be impeached or resign