PTO Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2021

NES PTO General Board Meeting MINUTES

7:30 pm Via Zoom (~9 people in attendance)

1. Principal and Teacher Updates

  • We will return to 5 day in-person at the beginning of the 4th marking period (April 6th).
  • Picture day will be April 8th, details of how this will be done within the school are being worked out with Life Touch.
  • Now is the period when families can change virtual and in-person status - now until Tuesday of next week.
  • Everything is progressing and moving as well as can be expected with the number of students that we have in the building now and with the possibility of having more students in the building with the 4th marking period.
  • The area that we are the most concerned with because masks come off. However, regardless of how many students come back into the school, we will be able to keep all the desks in the cafeteria at 6 feet of distance.
  • Desks within the classrooms are spaced as far apart as possible depending on the number of students in attendance - tape is put on the floor as a visual to help teachers and students keep their desks in place.
  • Speed bumps - our number 1 priority is student safety, given the volume of cars in the morning, speed bumps will not be placed at this point.
  • Teacher Grants - requests can be made up to $100. Any amount under that is okay.
  • Raz Kids is consolidating our account, which will lower our cost. For next year, if we choose to renew, teachers will not have to renew individually, we can do so as a school.
  • 6th grade events - teachers are brainstorming some ideas that we will then see if we get approval from the district.
  • 6th grade t-shirt design contest will begin soon. PTO has funded this in the past based on 6th grade dues, but we have money from last year that will be used instead.
  • Certificates will be provided again as well.
  • 6th grade legacy project has also been budgeted for this year. Last year's project has been completed, and is in the process of being mounted on the wall in such a way so that it could be removed whenever future renovation might happen. For now, all district capital projects have been placed on hold.

2. Treasurer Report

(Specific dollar amounts have been omitted. As always, we discuss the financials in detail at our monthly General PTO Meeting.)

  • We had proceeds from the Nothing Bundt Cakes fundraiser and logo wear sales for the month. Also, in February, the PTO received proceeds from the December 2020 MOD Pizza spirit night and from AmazonSmile.
  • In addition to monthly recurring expenses for accounting and teacher water cooler, the PTO funded two teacher grants and had a payment for our annual Formsite subscription. Additional administrative purchases were made for 4 large plastic storage bins to store logo wear inventory and administrative items to replace card board boxes. Also, four Chick-fil-A gift cards were purchased as prizes for the winners of the gingerbread contest and KidStuff book top seller.
  • The PNC account was reconciled as of 2/28/21 by the Treasurer (J. Bukowski) and the bank statements and reconciliations are pending review and approval by the Secretary (C. Gargalovic).

3. Teacher Grants

  • 2 new teacher grant requests were discussed and approved.

4. Recess Carts

  • It has been requested that PTO purchase 2 recess carts. The PTO is happy to purchase the equipment if it not covered by a different budget within the district.
  • Next year 2 carts may not be necessary like this year do to the need to sanitize and separate equipment. We don't want to purchase 2 if next year one is not used.
  • Maybe a different kind of cart can be purchased that can be repurposed next year for another need, such as to store chrome books, etc?
  • The Physical Education budget may cover it.
  • Further discussion is needed. Mr. Francis will look into it and speak to others within the district and meet with PTO separately before moving forward.

5. Field Day/Spring Activities

  • What is the status on future spring events, such as field day, for this year?
  • There will be a field day, but not school wide at the same time.
  • During a spirit week in May, kids will be split into two groups within their regular gym class.
  • Unfortunately, Spring Fling is not going to happen this year.

6. School Year T-Shirt

  • PTO is thinking about purchasing a t-shirt for the school, separate from 6th grade shirts.
  • This would be a use of left over funds from last year's class dues.
  • We would use the Achieve program through Council Rock to print the shirts. The shirts are billed at cost, and then the high school students print the design on each.
  • We could use a form for families to fill out, or teachers could help with it as well.
  • Teachers in attendance at PTO meeting said they could help.
  • Perhaps a blue and white tie dye would be nice - thought was received well by all.

7. Snowman Contest

  • Video has been made. One picture was left out, so we are updating the video.
  • Once updated, the link will be sent to Mr. Francis for teachers use.

8. Spirit Days

  • Mom Moms pizza was discussed.
  • Wendy's is another option.
  • Lisa wasn't able to make it tonight, so we can check with her later.

9. Other

  • Will we attempt some kind of virtual science fair in May?
  • Maybe in conjunction with Earth Day?
  • Rather than a video, which would be too long, maybe a book or website link people could look through on their own time.
  • Discussion around how and when a virtual Science Fair could occur was tabled for the next PTO meeting.