Year of the Hangman

By:Gary Blackwood

Primary Setting, Characters, Main Conflict

Setting-New Orleans+ Pensacola

Characters-Creighton, Gower, Dr. Franklin

Conflict-Creighton cannot decide what side he is on.

Beginning Events

Creighton receives a letter to his uncle from his mother, saying she can no longer tolerate him. So she is sending him to his uncle to be taught how to act properly. Creighton and the crew are attacked by pirates who shoot cannons ripping through their ship, and taking them over. Creighton and the rest of the crew who were takin are brought to New Orleans. Creighton stays in Dr.Franklin's house where is is to play a game of cards. If Franklin wins he is to work for him, but if Creighton wins he can stay there for free.

Pgs- 24, 47, 87.

Middle Events

In the middle of the night creighton wakes up and sees a light coming through the print house. He puts on his shoes to go see who is inside thinking it would be Sophie, but seeing Franklin work on another paper. Creighton watches Franklin through the window. When he leaves Creighton walks in and sees the title of the paper reading The Liberty Tree. He prints off a sheet for his uncle and returns everything back to its original state. Creighton also takes the pistol and all the equipment to his uncle at night for them to escape. As they get out Creighton begs to go but his uncle refuses and knocks him out with the gun.

Pgs- 122, 137-138

End Events

When Colonel Gower and Arnold have a gun fight on top of Gage Hill. Creighton being Arnold's second tried to talk him out of it, while Hale Gower's second tried to talk him out of it. While neither of them succeed they go on to fight. After Arnold find his gun not working and himself being shot. He pulls out a second and pierces both of Gower's lungs killing him. Next Creighton, Peter, and Arnold escape and head to St. Marks, where they then find Creighton's father. Creighton, Peter, and Harry Brown head back to New Orleans where they live as Patriots. Arnold though is making his way to go get patriots do try and do as much damage as they can before the fleet comes.

Pgs- 221, 228, 233, 247