A Winter Wonderland

Santa Clause

Santa a jolly man who wears a bright red outfit with a dark black belt raped around his waist,cherry nose,and rosy cheeks.Sometimes people call him S.t Nick.Some people also say that only S.t Nick's sole only lives and deliver presents by magic.


There's allot of things to do in the marshmallow colored snow.You can build a snowman,snow angels,go snowboarding,go skiing ,and more!

Elfs on the shelfs

Elf come to watch us and see if we're good or bad.At night they go up to the north pole and tell Santa how we've been.Then they come back to your house and hide then in the morning you have to find hime.I named my elf Smiley because they always have a smile all the time.

Workshop Elfs

Workshop elf make the toys that are delivered by Santa.They have to make over 7,000 toys!