The importance of Force and Motion

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Simple machines

There are a lot of important things to remember about the simple machines in the world, these simple machines help us humans with difficult thing let's take a look at all of the simple machine that we can use. We can use a lever,wedge,Pully,inclined plane,and a screw.have you ever used one of these simple machines? Did you know that if you kicked a soccer ball in space it would float but if you kicked a soccer ball on earth it would stop sooner because of friction and because of annerca. Newton's three laws of motion and inertia are also very important too.

All of the simple Machines.

There are a lot of simple machines there are inclined planes,wedges,screws,levers,wheel and axle,and a Pully. And here are a few examples of a inclined plane. There is a ramp,dump truck,and a slide. There is also a wedge and here are a few examples. There is a axe,knife,nail,and a fork are all examples of a wedge. There is also a screw and here are a few Examples. Drill,jar lid,and a spiral staircase. There is also a lever here are a few examples. Seesaw,crowbar,and a bat. There is also a wheel and axle here are a few examples. Door knob,roller skates,and a toy car. There is only one more simple machine and that is a Pully and here are a few examples. Mini blinds,flag pole, and drapes. Theses are all simple machines

Why are simple machines important?

Simple machines are very important to our life's without the simple machines we would have a lot more work to do and simple machines help us do things that can be difficult to do without them. But remember that with out Newtons laws of motion we wouldn't have any of this knolige that we have right now and Sir Isaac Newton is very important to our life's because he is the one that figured out that forces and motion are related. So remember that Sir Isaac Newton and simple machines are important.
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Newton's three laws of motion

  1. Newton's first law states that "Objects in motion will remain in motion and objects at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon an outside force."
  2. Newton's second law states that"fXma= Force= mass times acceleration, the greater the force, the greater the speed (acceleration),
  3. Newton'so third law states that (The action-reaction law). For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction.
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Sir Isacc Newton

Newton was the first to realize that forces are related to motion. How did he do that you ask. Well she figured it out by watching a few apples fall from a tree. Crazy wright but it is so true. Newton's first law states that if I wereto kick a soccer ball an earth it would keep going but the soccer ball can't go on forever because of friction ( a outside force). But if I were to kick the soccer ball on the moon it would keep going because the moon doesn't have any gravity so there is no outside force. And because the moon has no gravity we can't live on the moon. Sir Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 in Woolthorge Lincolshie. How did he die you ask, well he died of old age and natural causes.
The video that you see above is a video of a lever in ACTION so be shore to watch you will be amazed of how simple it is to make a simple machine and if you do try to make one be shore to be creative with your ideas.

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